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Jessey Lee Biography – Early Life, Career & Love Life

Jessey Lee Biography

Netflix’s Bling Empire has enthralled its audience thanks to the lavish lifestyle that the show’s cast members enjoy. Moreover, the reality show extensively features wealthy Asian American and Asian families who are eager to have fun and show off their glamorous life.

Well, among the host of rich individuals starring in the show, Jessey Lee has become the talk of the town. He appeared in the first season but left midway through the second which has made people talk about him and his wife, Cherie Han.

Today, let’s look at Jessey Lee’s biography and learn about his early life, career, and love life.

Comes From A Successful Family

Jessey is reportedly in his 30s and was apparently born with a trust fund. He undoubtedly comes from a successful family but has not talked much about his childhood. Moreover, where he grew up is also a big mystery and it is unclear if he is the only child of his parents or if he has any siblings.

Lee has also not talked much about his mom and dad. But he does not hesitate to share pictures of his mother and father. Moreover, looking at the pictures and the conjoint caption, it is evident that Jessey Lee’s parents played a big part in his life.

Jessey Lee Net Worth And Career

Aforementioned, the Bling Empire star reportedly had a trust fund to his name. However, Jessey Lee’s net worth includes his earnings from his business ventures. He reportedly started a furniture company called Lee Furniture and managed to amass a fortune from the business.

Not much has been revealed about Lee’s business venture and it is unclear if Jessey still works in the furniture business. However, some sources suggest that Jessey has invested in other industries such as technology, hospitality, food and beverages, and also health.

Like much of his life, Jessey has kept his business ventures private. It is unclear what companies he has invested in and if he has established any other ventures over the years. Nonetheless, it is evident that Jessey Lee’s net worth has allowed him to enjoy a lavish life with his family.

Moreover, it is evident that Jessey has amassed considerable wealth as seen in Netflix’s show Bling Empire. He and his wife, Cherie Chan starred in the series’ first season and returned for the second one. However, the duo only appeared in three episodes before leaving the show.

Well, it is evident that Jessey and Cherie enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Well, we hope to see more of the married duo in the Bling Empire.

Jessey Lee Is A Married Man

Bling Empire introduced us to the lovely couple Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee. The pair have been together since late 2015 and got married in a secret ceremony in September 2021. However, the pair’s relationship has been the talk of the town in recent days. Cherie and Jessey’s relationship has brought drama to the Bling Empire world.

Well, Jessey Lee’s first marriage is one of the many issues which has caused drama in the show. He was reportedly married to Crystal Linh Hoang Lee for almost four years before Jessey filed for divorce in the spring of 2015.

Well, as aforementioned, Jessey and Cherie got together in 2015 and this was the source of drama. Many assumed that Lee was married when he started dating his current wife. But according to the couple, this is not the case. Rather, Jessey found solace in Cherie and the couple welcomed their first child, J’adore, in July 2016.

Crystal and Jessey’s divorce was apparently finalized in 2019, four years after filing for divorce. The same year, Lee and Chan welcomed their second child, Jevon, and also got engaged. But surprisingly it was Jessey Lee’s then-girlfriend was the one who popped the question.

The couple got engaged again in August 2021 and this time Jessey proposed to Cherie at the Jacquemart-Andre Museum in Paris. The following month, Lee and Chan tied the knot.

Well, despite the drama surrounding their relationship, Jessey Lee and Cherie Chan are enjoying their life alongside their children. Let’s hope we get to learn more about the Lee-Chan family in the coming days.