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Jeremy Shada Biography – Childhood, Career & Love Life

Jeremy Shada Biography

The American actor and musician Jeremy Shada is best known for his voiceover work in Adventure Time, Voltron: Legendary, Defender and Dragons: THe Nine Realms. Moreover, he also found fame due to his acting skills in shows like Julie and the Phantoms and Mr. Student Body President.

Jeremy has also found success in his music career, and as a result, his fanbase has continued to grow over the years. Well, people are undoubtedly eager to learn about his personal life, so we will take a look at his childhood, family, and love life.

Where Did Jeremy Shada Grow Up?

Jeremy was born on January 21, 1997, as the youngest child of Dean Shada and Linda Shada. He grew up in Boise, Idaho, USA, along with his elder brothers, Zack Shada and Josh Shada. However, the family moved to Los Angeles after Zack started acting. Both Jeremy and Josh followed in Zack’s footsteps and found success in their respective careers as child actors.

As a result of his work in the entertainment world, Jeremy was homeschooled. And Shada later revealed that he had graduated early from high school in May 2013. Moreover, along with acting, the Shada siblings also had a joint interest in music. Jeremy and Zack formed the pop-punk band Make Out Monday in 2014, but the former is no longer involved.

Well, it is evident that the Shada family is a talented bunch, and they have utilized their skills to good effect.

When Did Jeremy Shada Start His Acting And Voiceover Career?

The Idaho native started his career by appearing in commercials as a child before lending his voice to various characters in the 1999 movie My Neighbors the Yamadas. His first few on-screen works were in Good Girls Don’t, Miracle Run, ER, and No Rules. After this, Jeremy Shada worked on numerous live-action and voice-acting projects, like Ghost Whisperer, Lost, and Bambi 2: The Great Prince of the Forest.

However, Jeremy is best known for voicing Finn in the popular American animated show, Adventure Time. He first worked on the series in 2010 and continued to voice the popular character till 2018. Furthermore, Shada also voiced Finn and other additional characters in the Adventure Times spinoffs and video games.

The Adventure Time star has also voiced characters in other popular projects like Voltron: Legendary Defender, Dragons: The Nine Realms, Ralph Breaks the Internet and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Moreover, Jeremy Shada’s live-action performances in shows like Incredible Crew, Mr. Student Body President, and Denton’s Death Date were also memorable. But it was his performance as Reggie Peters in Julie and the Phantoms that helped showcase his acting skills to a large audience.

Well, it is evident that Jeremy Shada is a talented individual and has found success as both a voiceover and live-action actor. And with his continued involvement in numerous projects, we can see him finding even more success in the coming days.

How Much Is Jeremy Shada’s Yearly Earnings?

As stated above, the talented artist has worked on many animated and live-action projects and found immense success in his career. And according to Celebrity Net Worth, Jeremy Shada’s net worth is approximated at $500K; therefore, his yearly earnings might be substantial.

Much of Jeremy’s fortune comes from his earnings as an actor and voice actor. But he is also a solo musician, and he earns a considerable sum from it too. Shada has put out numerous singles, an EP, and a full-length album each. His music is available on all streaming sites.

Furthermore, Jeremy Shada’s net worth of $500k is also thanks to his earnings from merchandise sales. He also earns a considerable sum from his YouTube channel, which has more than 154K subscribers.

Is Jeremy Shada Married?

Speaking about his love life, Jeremy Shada is a happily married man. He tied the knot with his longtime partner, Carolynn Rowland, on March 8, 2020. The pair have been together since 2017 and got engaged in 2019 before marrying the following year.

Jeremy Shada’s wife, Carolynn Rowland Shada, is a ballet dancer. Currently, she operates her YouTube channel, where she shares challenge videos and vlog-style content. Moreover, Carolynn is very supportive of Jeremy’s career and is often seen by his side on various occasions.

It is evident that the couple is very much in love and is enjoying their marital life. We wish the couple all the best for their future and hope to see more of them on social media.