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Imani Duckett Biography – Childhood, Acting Career & Relationships

Imami Duckett Biography

Children following in their parent’s footsteps into their respective professional fields is no big news. There are families involved in the medical industry while others might find success in the sports world. And one sector which has seen a great deal of parents-children duos find much success is the entertainment world. Whether it is acting, singing, or modeling, the industry has seen many individuals of the same family gain fame and fortune.

Following in the trend is young actress Imani Duckett who is the daughter of veteran actress, singer, and director, Jasmine Guy. They are among the long list of mother-daughter duos to step into the acting business. As a result, people have shown much interest in Imani’s life away from the professional world. Thus in this biography, we will take a detailed look at her childhood, acting journey, and more.

Where Did Imani Duckett Grow Up?

The aspiring actress was born Imani Guy Duckett in 1999 to Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett. She is the only child of her parents and reportedly celebrates her birthday on March 28. Sadly, Imani Duckett’s parents separated in 2008, when she was only 9.

Following the divorce, Imani and her mother moved to Atlanta, Jasmine’s childhood hometown. There were reports about Jasmine and Terrence being involved in a legal battle for the custody of their daughter. Duckett’s father apparently was ordered to pay the sum of $1,469 every month in child support.

Imani Duckett grew up in Atlanta and seems to have completed her studies there. In an Instagram post from May 2017, Imani Duckett’s mother shared that she had graduated. Following this, Jasmine shared that her little girl was at NYU. There have been reports about her attending the Tisch School of Arts.

However, further information regarding Duckett’s educational background is unknown. Also, it is unclear if she completed her studies. But we hope to know more about her childhood and family life in the coming days.

When Did Imani Duckett Start Her Career?

While there are reports about her attending NYU’s Tisch School of Arts, it is unclear if Imani Duckett actually completed her studies. But what we do know is that Imani has inherited her mother’s acting talent. Jasmine is best known for her work in shows such as A Different World, Dead Like Me, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Vampire Diaries.

As for Imani, she made her acting debut in a play in Atlanta. She played the teenage daughter of the main character, Vivian, named Latoya. Duckett was in the production in 2016 and was applauded for her performances. After this, it is unclear if Duckett continued to star in other stage productions.

In 2016, Imani also appeared as herself in the TV series documentary, Unsung Hollywood. Then in 2020, Duckett starred in the TV movie, Open playing the part of Luna aka Wren’s employee. She was credited as Imani Duckett for the role.

Well, Imani has not appeared in any other acting projects. But we hope that in the coming days, we will see more of her acting skills.

Is Imani Duckett In A Relationship?

Jasmine Guy’s daughter, Imani Duckett has kept much of her life away from the spotlight. She has not shared much regarding her life and seems to prefer it that way. There is also no information regarding Imani’s love life. Moreover, her social media pages do not give any clue regarding her relationship history.

But let’s hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about the talented star.