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Iman Kawa Biography – Early Life, Career & Relationship Status

Iman Kawa Biography

Women in various positions in the world are not uncommon in today’s world. Whether it is an executive position in corporate companies or even founding their own business, women are evidently making big decisions.

Among the many women who have found success on their own is Iman Kawa. She has her own business venture and has also found fame as a YouTuber. So, today, let’s take a look at Iman’s biography and learn more about her personal and professional lives.

Where Is Iman Kawa From?

The YouTuber-cum-businesswoman was born on June 19, 1988, in Miami, Florida. Some sites suggest that Iman is a Jordanian American, but it is unclear if this is true. However, we do know that Kawa has Arab heritage.

As for her family, Iman Kawa has five siblings, two of whom are Malki Kawa and Abraham Kawa. The Kawa brothers are the founders of First Round Management, a company that represents various artists. Iman Kawa’s parents, on the other hand, have not been in the spotlight. Furthermore, Kawa is said to have lost her father in the 2000s.

Well, it is evident that Iman prefers to keep much of her early life private. But let’s hope we will get to know more about her in the coming days.

What Does Iman Kawa Do?

Since there is not much information regarding her childhood, what Iman dreamed of becoming is unknown. But we know she attended the Culinary Institute of America after completing her high school studies. She completed her course there and then interned with many world-renowned chefs. As a result, Kawa herself is a known chef.

A look into Iman Kawa’s Instagram shows us the beautiful food and recipes she has prepared for several years. She also worked at various restaurants in her earlier years as a chef. Iman had stated that she loved cooking food for her family when they visited her at work.

While her career started as a chef, Kawa is now focusing on her cookie business. She started the cookie company, Better Than Your Mother’s, and she has many popular celebrities talking about the products. Iman’s company has currently listed two items on its website and also has several things of merchandise. Given below are a few of the products and their respective prices:
●  The Experience Box – $99.00
●  Pretty & Simple Box – $42.00
●  Signature Cookie T-shirt – $37.00
●  Knafeh Palette T-shirt – $28.00
●  BTYM Loge T-shirt – $23.50

Besides the BTYM cookie company, Iman Kawa also operates the YouTube channel Better Than Your Mother’s. She has shared numerous food-related videos there. However, the channel has been inactive since 2020, so we hope to see more of Iman on YouTube soon.

Moreover, looking at her career trajectory, it is evident that Iman Kawa’s net worth is substantial.

Is Iman Kawa Married?

Besides her career as a chef and entrepreneur, Iman Kawa is also recognized as Jorge Masvidal’s baby mama. Masvidal is a popular mixed martial artist who currently competes in the welterweight division in the UFC. Iman and Jorge reportedly started dating in 2009 and stayed together for around a decade.

In 2019, it was speculated that Masvidal and Kawa were no longer together. However, Iman did share Jorge’s post on her Twitter in 2021, so maybe reports about their breakup were false then. Moreover, a few sites also address Jorge as Iman Kawa’s husband, even though there is no news about their marriage.

However, as of 2022, it appears that the couple has likely split up. Since there is no concrete proof regarding their relationship status, we hope both Iman and Masvidal talk about it soon.

While there is very little information regarding their love life, there are reports that the former couple is parents of three. Jorge Masvidal’s ex-girlfriend Iman Kawa is apparently the mother of their two daughters and a son. None of the couple’s kids have been introduced to the media.

Well, Iman Kawa is not only known for her relationship with Jorge Masvidal; she is now a successful entrepreneur herself. We hope she continues to find success in her career.