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Greyson Chance Biography – Early Life, Fame & Relationship

Greyson Chance Biography

Greyson Chance is a well-known singer, songwriter and musician who gained attention after a video of him singing Paparazzi by Lady Gaga became viral. His career subsequently exploded with numerous singles and EPs and records topping the charts. Chance even went on several tours around the world as a supporting act and headlining act.

The talented singer found much fame early in his life as a result people was very eager to know more about him. If you also are interested in Chance’s biography, stick to the end of this biography.

Where Is Greyson Chance From?

The singer-songwriter was born Greyson Michael Chance in Wichita Falls, Texas, on August 16, 1997. However, he was raised in Edmond, Oklahoma alongside his two older siblings Tanner Chance and Alexa Chance. The siblings were raised as Catholics and are interested in making music. As for Greyson Chance’s parents, Lisa Chance and Scott Chance, they were very supportive of his musical journey.

As for her education, while he was making and touring the world, Greyson Chance was homeschooled and had a teacher with him. He then enrolled at the University of Tulsa in 2017 where he majored in history. However, he reportedly dropped out of college to focus on music fully.

When Did Greyson Chance First Found Fame?

As aforementioned, Greyson Chance first came into the spotlight after the video of his cover of Paparazzi by Lady Gaga became viral on social media. The video was posted on the video-sharing platform, YouTube in April 2010. While the first two weeks after it was posted did not generate many views, in May, numerous websites found it. This resulted in Greyson being invited to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and soon after he was signed to Ellen’s record label, eleven eleven.

Even before his signing to eleven eleven, Chance had set up an official Myspace page and started putting out his own songs, including Broken Hearts. Following the signing, Greyson started working on new music and released his debut single titled Waiting Outside the Lines in October 2010. He then had the chance of touring with Miranda Cosgrove and Cody Simpson in their respective tours in 2011.

Greyson Chance continued to put out a few singles before releasing his debut studio album titled Hold On ‘Til the Night in August 2011. The record reportedly sold 16K units during the first week in the US. He continued to promote his album throughout that year and even toured Southeast Asia in November.

The Oklahoma native’s popularity continued to grow after the release of the EP Truth Be Told, Part 1 in Asia in October 2012. He performed in various cities around Asia and also appeared in numerous television and award shows there. To promote Truth Be Told, Part 1, Greyson toured the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Between 2014 and 2016, Greyson Chance worked on and released numerous songs on SoundCloud and other platforms. His singles were titled Temptation, Thrilla In Manila, Meridians, Afterlife, Hit & Run, and Back On the Wall. This was followed by the release of his second EP, Somewhere Over My Head in May 2016 through his own label, Greyson Chance Music. He toured in Asia and performed his songs at various shows and events to promote his recent project.

Following this Greyson Chance started working on his second studio album and the project, Portraits, was released in March 2019. This record too was released through his label but following this, he signed with Arista Records and Sony Music Global. He also embarked on a world tour to promote Portraits.

2021 saw Chance releasing his third EP, Trophies through Arista Records. Greyson then announced that he would tour various cities and Europe and North America to promote the record. Following this, his third studio album titled Palladium was released in September 2022.

It is evident that Greyson Chance’s net worth of $2.4 million is all thanks to his highly successful music career. He has continued with his journey into the music world so there is no doubt that his fortune will increase in the coming days.

What Is The Issues Between Greyson Chance And Ellen DeGeneres?

While Greyson Chance’s earlier bout to fame was mostly thanks to his appearance on The Ellen DeGenres Show and signing to the host’s label, the duo’s relationship was not as good as it looked. While talking to Rolling Stone in the eve of the release of his album, Palladium, the singer-songwriter opened up about his experience with DeGeneres.

In the interview, Greyson stated that the first few years of his music career were enjoyable with Ellen taking an interest in his journey. She was reportedly only a phone call away at the time and became a mentor to the young boy. But Chance shared that with time he noticed that DeGeneres was very controlling of his works and developments.

Furthermore, Greyson Chance accused the former show host of being manipulative. While people all around the world saw that Greyson and Ellen were tight, behind closed doors, Chance shared that she had abandoned him. While DeGeneres has not commented on the accusations, the singer-songwriter himself stated that this would be the first and last time he talked about the issue.

Well, we hope Greyson Chance has now found his voice in the music industry and finds much success.

Is Greyson Chance Married?

Talking about his personal life, Greyson Chance came out as gay through an Instagram post in July 2017. However, he did not share much about his love life since then. The first time he talked about his romantic life was in 2021 when Chance was promoting his EP Trophies. He also introduced his partner that year.

Greyson Chance’s boyfriend, Ben Watson was reportedly a big inspiration for Trophies. The duo reportedly celebrated a year together in June 2021 but kept much of their relationship private. Furthermore, since first sharing pictures of them together, Chance has not talked about his lover.

But we hope in the coming days, Greyson opens up about his partner and their romantic journey.