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Grayson Chrisley Biography – Childhood, Career & Relationship

Grayson Chrisley Biography

The show Chrisley Knows Best introduced the viewers to the Chrisley family and their lavish lifestyle. Along with the family matriarch, Julie Chrisley, and patriarch Todd Chrisley, the show revolved around the young Chrisley family members. Among them, Grayson Chrisley is the youngest and has found fame through the show.

Well, thanks to the show, people have shown much interest in Grayson’s life. If you too are interested in knowing more about the youngest Chrisley, stick till the end of this biography.

Where Did Grayson Chrisley Grow Up?

Grayson Chrisley was born as the youngest child of Julie and Todd Chrisley in Georgia, on May 16, 2006. He grew up alongside his elder siblings, Chase Chrisley and Savannah Chrisley in Georgia before the family moved to Nashville. He has two more older siblings, Savannah Chrisley, and Kyle Chrisley, from his father’s first marriage.

When the show, Chrisley Knows Best premiered in 2014, Grayson was only around eight years old. As a result, viewers got to see him grow into the teenager he is now. Moreover, he is currently in high school in Nashville and will apparently graduate in 2025.

What Does Grayson Chrisley Do Professionally?

Aforementioned, Grayson is a teenager as of 2022 therefore his exact profession cannot be determined. However, he has been a part of the show Chrisley Knows Best for around nine years now and has become a household name already.

The show first aired in March 2014 but it had been pitched to ten networks before being picked by USA Network in December 2013. Following the success of the show, the network ordered a 12-episode 2nd season in April 2014.

The show followed the day-to-day lives of all the Chrisley family members including Grayson. However, the family has stated that being on TV made them think twice about what they were doing both on and off camera. Since Grayson himself was pretty young when the first few seasons were filmed and aired, he has shared that he didn’t have a choice in filming it.

Between 2014 and 2022, Grayson appeared in all 197 episodes of Chrisley Knows Best. He also starred in the television special, Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving in 2021 and made appearances in WWE Raw, Steve Harvey, The Real, Big Star Little Star, and Peacock Presents: The At-Home Variety Show Featuring Seth.

However, Grayson Chrisley has never made an appearance in the Chrisley Knows Best spin-off series, Growing Up Chrisley. The latter show revolved around his older siblings, Chase and Savannah’s life growing up in the family. And even though the young Chrisley himself is close with his brother and sister, he did not star in the show.

Well, both Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley were canceled by the USA Network in 2022. The decision came after Julie and Todd Chrisley were convicted on bank fraud and tax evasion charges and charged with 7 and 12 years in prison respectively.

Following this, Grayson may not continue with his reality show journey as he is focused on his studies. But maybe we will see him playing baseball as a professional player seeing as he is interested in the sport. Well, whatever career he chooses to pursue in the future, we hope the youngest Chrisley finds fame and success.

Is Grayson Chrisley Dating Anyone?

Talking about his love life, Grayson Chrisley has remained quite adamant to keep that away from the spotlight. He does not share much about the personal side of his life in the show itself. But we hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about Grayson.