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Ethel Cain Biography – Childhood, Music Journey & Relationship

Ethel Cain Biography

Ethel Cain rose to fame thanks to her unique lyrical and musical projects. Her lyrics focus on Southern Gothic and nostalgic themes and includes stories about domestic violence, death, substance abuse, poetry and other heavy subjects. And to accompany her worlds, Cain uses music inspired by Christian music and Gregorian chants.

Well, because of her distinctive music, Ethel has gained attention from many people in and outside the US. But along with her songs, people are also interested in her life story. So, today we will take a look at Cain’s biography and get to know her better.

What Was Ethel Cain’s Childhood Like?

The talented singer-songwriter was born Hayden Silas Anhedönia in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S. on 24th March, 1998. But she grew up in a small town named Perry in Florida alongside her younger siblings. One of Ethel Cain’s three siblings is named Salem but further information regarding them is unavailable.

Hayden Silas Anhedönia aka Ethel Cain’s parents raised her and her siblings in a Southern Baptist family. Her father was a deacon while Ethel and her mother used to sing in church choir. Growing up in a deeply conservative and religious family, Hayden always felt like an outsider.

Moreover, it is reported that she was homeschooled by her father, but she has talked about finding solace in high school theater programs.

Much like other musicians, Anhedönia began studying classical piano at the age of eight. Due to her strict upbringing she was not allowed to listen to non-Christian music and mostly found influence in the genre. She was a very musical child so much so that Ethel remembers singing a lot as a kid. Well, while Cain described herself as an annoying kid due to her constant singing, it is now evident that singing and writing is what she may have been born for.

When Did Ethel Cain Start Her Professional Music Journey?

Having grown up surrounded by music, it is no surprise that Ethel Cain chose to pursue a career in the business. Her journey to the professional side of the business started in mid 2017 when she started writing, recording and producing her own music. She experimented and was inspired by Gregorian chants and Christian music.

At the early stage of her career, Hayden Silas used the moniker White Silas and Atlas and only shared her music with her small following on Twitter and Instagram. Her first work, a single titled Bruises, using the moniker Ethel Cail was released in 2019. She then opened for Nicole Dollanganger on the singer-songwriter’s Heart Shaped Bed tour in Chicago.

Ethel Cain put out her first EP under the moniker in September 2019. The extended play titled Carpet Bed was a collection of songs that she had worked on for a while. This was followed by the release of her second EP, Golden Age in December 2019. A month later she was discovered by Lil Aaron, a rapper and through him had a meeting with the publishing company Prescription Songs. She signed with the company soon after.

Under Prescription Songs, Ethel Cain released her first single titled Michelle Pfeiffer in February 2021. This was followed by two more singles, Crush and Unpunishable and the EP Inbred, released in April 2021. Hayden started working on the studio album soon after and put out the single Gibson Girl in March 2022.

Following the release of Gibson Girl, Cain announced her debut studio album Preacher’s Daughter. The record itself was released in May 2022 amidst great fanfare. The album received critical acclaim and simultaneously received a huge reception from listeners. Preacher’s Daughter was released via Ethel’s own label, Daughters of Cain.

Hayden Anhedönia’s music can be found in all streaming platforms while she also sells merchandise pertaining to her songs. With her continued success, there is no doubt that Ethel Cain’s fortune and fame will also grow in the coming days.

Is Ethel Cain In A Relationship?

Hayden Silas Anhedönia aka Ethel Cain has used her music to showcase her story with the world. But she has not shared much regarding her love life. Whether she is in a relationship is a big mystery, so we hope to know more about it in the coming days.

What Hayden Anhedönia has shared is that she is a trans woman. She had reportedly told her mother that she liked boys at the age of 12. Ethel was reportedly ostracized for being gay and left the church at 16. She recalled being pigeonholed as gay even though she thought that the label did not fit her.

Cain moved out of her parents’ house when she was 18 and by then she was identifying as non-binary. But it wasn’t until her 20th birthday, Hayden Silas Anhedönia came out as trans. Ethel Cain states that after coming out, she felt liberated.

Since then Hayden has identified as bisexual but has not opened up about her relationships. But let’s hope we learn happy news regarding her love life in the coming days.