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Ethan Klein Biography – Family Life, Marriage & Career

Ethan Klein Biography

YouTube has become one of the best platforms for individuals to show off their unique skills. Whether it is their vocal abilities or their amazing movies, the video sharing platform has given people to provide a place for their talents. Moreover, comedy contents are among the most popular on the platform and comedic content creators have found much success.

Among the many people who have become famous due to their content on YouTube is the Klein couple. Today we will take a detailed look at Ethan Klein’s childhood, rise to popularity, family life, marriage, fatherhood and more.

Where Is Ethan Klein From?

The video creator was born Ethan Edward Klein in Ventura, California, USA on June 24, 1985. He grew up alongside his siblings there and his family is Ashkenazi Jewish. Ethan Klein’s parents are Gary Klein and Donna Klein and they have appeared in a few of the YouTuber’s projects. The family shares a close bond.

Talking about his studies, Ethan reportedly enrolled at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He studied English Literature there between 2004 and 2009. However, Klein’s college experience was reportedly marred by generalized anxiety disorder. This resulted in him pausing his studies and taking a trip to Israel in 2007. He made this trip through the Birthright program that offers to fund a 10-day Israel trip for people of Jewish heritage.

This trip seems to be the turning point in the YouTuber’s life.

Who Is Ethan Klein Married To?

Aforementioned Ethan went on a trip to Israel in 2007 and this changed the course of his life. This was where Klein met his future-wife, Hila Hacmon. At the time Hila was serving as a soldier in the Israel Defence Forces, for her two-year mandatory military service. The pair reportedly met at the Holocaust memorial in Yad Vashem and connected.

It is reported that Klein began working as a marketing executive in Israel. According to Insider, Ethan and Hila moved to California and then started her YouTube journey. However, few other sources claim that they were living in Israel during their early YouTube career.

The pair tied the knot on October 12, 2012 and have welcomed two kids together. Ethan Klein’s wife, Hila gave birth to their first child, Theodore Klein in June 2019. Then in February 2022, the couple welcomed their youngest son, Bruce Klein.

When Did Ethan Klein Start His Professional Journey?

Ethan Klein started his YouTube journey in 2011 along with his wife Hila Klein. The pair launched h3h3Productions or H3H3Productions and the videos included the couple providing commentary and critiques in reaction videos. The channel gained much recognition instantly and the Klein couple’s absurd sketches and commentary were loved by many.

After gaining fame from their YouTube journey, the Klein couple launched H3 Podcast. This content was originally streamed on Twitch but was moved to YouTube in April 2017. They also established H3 Podcast Highlights where edited sections of their podcast episodes are posted. Additionally, they also run another channel named Ethan and Hila which has more casual content.

Ethan and Hila’s main channel, h3h3Productions currently boasts over 6 million subscribers while the total video view count is over 1.5 billion. Moreover, their other channels, Ethan and Hila have 1.97 million subscribers while H3h Podcast has 2.89 million. It is evident that Ethan Klein’s YouTube career has fared well and he has continued to find more success with time.

How Rich Is Ethan Klein?

Talking about his fortune, Ethan Klein’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million which is a combined riches with his wife, Hila Klein. This is all thanks to the pair’s success as YouTubers. Ethan and Hila Klein have been putting out content since 2011 and have now become one of the most successful personalities on the platform.

In addition to the fame the pair have received through their online career, Ethan has also been embroiled in numerous controversies over the years. Klein has been embroiled in feuds with fellow creators such as Keemstar aka Daniel Keem, Trisha Paytas, and others. The company has even been sued by various individuals and companies on different occasions.

Well, much like other content creators, Ethan Klein has been involved in both positive and negative aspects of the platform. Well, we hope the Klein couple even more fame in the coming days.