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Eric Who Biography – Early Life, Career & Relationship

Eric Who Biography

The Voice is one of the most popular reality competition series currently on air. People have been introduced to many talented singers and performers on the show throughout its decade-long run. The show is one of the most successful launching pads for artists around the US.

The 22nd season of The Voice came on the air in September 2022 and has already introduced talented singers of different backgrounds. Among the many individuals who have gained people’s attention after auditioning for the show is Eric Who. His voice has enchanted many over the weeks and people are also eager to know more about him.

So, today we will take a close look at Eric’s life story and get to know him better.

Where Is Eric Who From?

The young The Voice contestant was born and brought up in Orangeburg, South California, USA. He was reportedly raised in the city by his mother and stepfather. Eric Who’s stepfather is a pastor so, it is no surprise that his singing journey began in the church. His first performance was in the church and what he knows about singing is the result of his days singing in front of churchgoers.

After gaining interest in singing and music through the church, Who continued to hone his craft by performing in the school choir. He also performed at his high school talent shows. These experiences helped him find the courage to perform on the national stage.

Eric graduated from Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School in 2018 and continued with his singing journey. Today, he is on the national stage competing to win the show, The Voice’s 22nd season.

What Has Eric Who Worked On?

As aforementioned, Eric Who started his singing journey performing in front of churchgoers. He also participated in a talent show in high school and was part of the school choir. Following this, Who showcased his singing skills on social media platforms such as TikTok. At first, he reportedly made fun of the platform, but it was TikTok where Eric’s music and vocals first gained attention.

Along with music, Eric Who’s TikTok page also features comedic food and drink reviews. And within the span of a few years, his channel has grown and now has over 2.8 million followers. Moreover, his videos have garnered over 57 million likes to date which shows his popularity on the platform. Also, the fame he found on the site helped Eric gain more confidence about auditioning for The Voice.

But Who’s first attempt at participating in The Voice did not have a positive result. He had auditioned for the show’s 21st season but did not make it. However, Eric did not give up and tried his luck again in the following season. And this time he did get the chance to perform for the coaches.

During the blind audition, the Orangeburg native sang a beautiful rendition of Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. And only a few seconds into his performance, Camila Cabello turned her chair which helped Who’s confidence to rise. While Camila was the only one to turn her chair, Eric received positive comments from other coaches too.

Following the Blind audition, Eric shows a massive improvement during his battle against Sydney Kronmiller. The pair sang Paparazzi and managed to wow both the coaches and audiences. And while Sydney received rave reviews for her singing, it was futile against the amazing performance by Who. He has now moved on in the competition.

It is evident that Eric Who already possesses an amazing skill set and is now working hard to hone his singing skills. We wish him all the best in the competition as well as in his professional journey.

Is Eric Who Dating Anyone?

While not much regarding him has been revealed to the world, we do know that Eric Who is one of the two The Voice contestants who are open about being in the LGBTQ community. Eric and Robert Gomez aka Kique both made it past the blind audition and worked with their respective coaches to further their journey.

Who has talked about how being his authentic self while performing on stage felt amazing. He wants to continue representing the community in the coming days. Well, we wish the talented singer all the best in his professional and personal success.