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Ellie Hoad Biography – Childhood, Family & Relationship

Ellie Hoad Biography

Social media has helped people not only easily connect with their family and friends but also find success professionally. With many platforms active now, people have utilized them to launch their careers as an influencer. While some are showcasing their singing, dancing, and acting skills, individuals like Ellie Hoad have utilized the internet to share health and fitness content.

Ellie has found much success and fame in her career in the fitness world. But besides her profession, people are also very eager to know about the personal side of Hoad’s story. So, in this biography, we will take a look at her family, childhood, relationship, and more.

Where Did Ellie Hoad Grow Up?

The fitness instructor was born on 15th June 1995 to her mom and dad. While details about Ellie Hoad’s parents and her other family are unclear, we do know that she was raised in London, England. Moreover, she has not shared if she has any siblings. But we hope to know more about her life before fame in the coming days.

Like the details about her childhood, there is no information about where Ellie completed her high school studies. But we are aware that she first studied Human Biology at Loughborough University. Hoad’s profile on the Wmodel website states that she then studied to be an Osteopath. Other sources have she is a graduate of Kent University in England. She reportedly studied Osteopathy there as she wanted to pursue a career in the fitness world.

Well, looking at her career trajectory, it is evident that following her passion has been beneficial for the London native.

When Did Ellie Hoad’s Professional Journey Start?

Ellie Hoad has been passionate about the fitness and health journey for a while and has now made a name for herself in the world. She started her journey in 2017 and started with posting pictures of her meals on Instagram. She continued with it and later shared photos of herself training and more. Hoad then decided to become a personal trainer and worked on that dream.

The London native started gaining large social media followers as she started posting daily fitness routines, diet tricks, and health tips. She utilized her human biology studies to share advice regarding one’s diet and training to keep fit. And along the way, many brands sought her out to collaborate with her.

After finding much fame in her career, Ellie decided to branch out and has now also become a food and diet influencer. Her Instagram pages feature videos of her sharing realistic diet plans to not only also protein build but also provide needed nutrition.

Moreover, Hoad published a cookbook titled, ELL-EVate your FOOD which can be purchased for $29.99 for the hardcover version. In the book, she has included recipes for meals that will help with one’s fitness journey.

Furthermore, continuing with her work as a fitness instructor, Ellie launched an app where people can sign-up and keep up with their home workouts, and learn about their personalized diet as well as meal prep. People can use the app to track their fitness journey which will then help to elevate their lifestyle. Also, if you want direct contact, Hoad provides one-to-one coaching.

Additionally, the fitness instructor has also tried out her hand in the clothing business. She founded the brand ELLEN-CLO and the tagline for it is Your Monday – Sunday Wardrobe. On the official website of the brand, one can find products for every occasion. Listed below are a few of the items and their respective prices:

  • Racer Crop Top – £46.00 ($52)
  • Long Glove Crop Top – £52.00 ($59)
  • Racer Mini Dress – £62.00 ($70)
  • Capped Sleeve T Shirt – £48.00 ($54)
  • Shots – £48.00 ($54)

Besides her own company, fans can also purchase gym outfits similar to what Ellie wears on Fabletics. She has also collaborated with renowned brands such as VOOST, Bare Bells, Always, Colgate, Birdseye, and MYPROTEIN to advertise their products with her followers. Well, earnings from all of these ventures have undoubtedly helped increase Ellie Hoad’s fortune.

Is The Fitness Influencer In A Relationship?

Well, the London-born fitness and lifestyle coach has been open about her personal and professional journey. But when it comes to her love life, not much has been revealed. Ellie prefers to keep her romantic ventures away from the spotlight and has not talked about it in interviews either.

Moreover, the English fitness icon’s social media is also filled with her professional content. But let’s hope that in the coming days, we will be introduced to Ellie Hoad’s partner.