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Ebon Moss-Bachrach Biography – Childhood, Career, Net Worth & Relationship

Ebon Moss Bachrach Biography

Ebon Moss-Bachrach is a talented American actor who has found much fame due to his successful acting career. He is recognized for his performances in projects like The Punisher, Girls, Damages, The Volunteer, and many others. Ebon is among the most popular actors in recent years and fans are eager to learn more about him.

Thus, let’s take a look at Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s biography and get to know him better.

Ebon’s Childhood

The Punisher star was born on March 19, 1977, in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. However, in one interview it was stated that the actor’s parents moved from New York to Amherst after Ebon reached the age when he could attend school. Therefore, he might have been born in New York and then grew up in New York.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s mom, Renee Moss reportedly ran a second-hand children’s clothing store whereas his father, Eric Bachrach opened up and ran a nonprofit community music school. Ebon’s dad was born in Heidelberg, Germany to American parents. Renee also taught in New York City public schools alongside her husband.

As per IMDb, Ebon also has a middle name, Che which was after the Argentinian revolutionist, Che Guevara. Moreover, Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s brother, Elan Moss-Bachrach is younger than him and has appeared in projects like Gossip Girl, American Virgin, and The Best Man.

Moss-Bachrach spent most of his childhood in Amherst and attended Amherst Regional High School. He then enrolled in Columbia University but what subject he studied and when he graduated is unclear. Nonetheless, Ebon has been interested in the art world since he was young. So it is no surprise that he pursued a career in acting.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach Net Worth And Career

The Amherst native started his acting career in the late 1990s starring as Billy in the tv movie Murder in a Small Town. He then continued appearing in movies and shows such as The Believer, Never Again, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Royal Tenenbaums, and American Splendor among others.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s net worth has also been influenced by his works in other films like The Dying Gail, Stealth, Road, Out There, The Lake House, Evening, Suburbs Girl, and Wedding Daze. He also appeared in a few shows like John Adams, Damages, Rubicon, The Last Ship, and Person of Interest.

However, Ebon is best recognized for playing Desi Harperin in the comedy-drama series, Girls. He also played David Lieberman in Marvel’s The Punisher which streamed on Netflix. Moss-Bachrach has continued his acting journey and has gone on to star in Interrogation, NOS4A2, The Dropout, Sharp Stick, Tesla, Blow the Man Down, and The Big Take.

Besides these, there are numerous other projects featuring the Massachusetts native. Well, it won’t be a surprise if Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s net worth continues to rise in the upcoming days with many new projects on the horizon.

Is Ebon Moss-Bachrach Married?

Just like his professional career, The Punisher star has also found happiness in his personal life. He has been in a relationship with Yelena Yemchuk, a Ukrainian professional photographer. The couple has been together for a while and is reportedly still unmarried.

However, on his IMDb, Yelena is addressed as Ebon Moss-Bahrach’s spouse. There it is noted that the pair have been married since June 20, 2010. But other sites have never talked about them being married and only address them as partners. Whatever might be their official relationship status, Yelena and Ebon are enjoying their life together.

Furthermore, the lovely couple is the parents to two beautiful kids, Mirabelle and Sasha. Both Ebon and Yelena are secretive about their lives so it is unknown when their two kids were born. But we do know that the family is based in Brooklyn.

We do hope that the couple talks more about themselves and their life in the coming days.