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Dua Saleh Biography – Family Life, Music Journey & Love Life

Dua Saleh Biography

Dua Saleh has been a popular name in the music industry since the release of the EP Nūr in 2019. The multi-talented star who is non-binary uses xe/xim/xyr and they/them pronouns. They have found much fame through their music career and have even made acting debuts. Dua is among the new generation of artists whose writing and music style are genre-bending.

Besides their acting and musical journey, people around the world have also shown interest in Dua’s life. Thus in this article, we will take a detailed look at Saleh’s life before fame, family life, love life, and more.

Where Is Dua Saleh From?

The talented artist was born in Kassala, Sudan. According to Famous Birthday, Dua Saleh celebrated their birthday on November 3, 1994. They come from a family with Tunjur heritage who are originally from Chad/Darfur and is Muslim despite not considering themselves religious in the institutional sense.

Saleh spent their first five years in Sudan but their family became refugees of the Second Sudanese Civil War. The family fled the country and moved first to Eritrea, then to North Dakota Maine, and Newark, New Jersey. They later settled in the Rondo neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota and Dua grew up there.

In Minnesota, Dua attended Saint Paul Central High School and was very active during their time there. They had an interest in community organizing, which was the result of the awareness of systemic oppression, danger, and resistance in their upbringing.

Moreover, Saleh was elected vice president of their school’s gay-straight alliance. But after their mother discovered the pamphlets for the organization in their backpack, Dua was sent to the Islamic charter school in Saint Paul, Dugsi Academy.

After graduating from high school Dua studied at Augsburg University and they double-majored in sociology and gender, women’s, and sexuality studies. While there, Saleh was politically active and led a walkout in protest of the school-to-prison pipeline at their former high school. They graduated from the university in 2017 and were also involved with the Pan Afrikan Student Union, the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, and Augsburg’s LGBTQIA Student Services.

When Did Dua Saleh Start Their Music Journey?

Dua Saleh reportedly had a sheltered childhood and grew up listening mostly to Nancy Ajram and Sudanese music. They started poetry when they were four and performed at an open mic for the first time during their senior year of high school. It was also during this time when Dua got a laptop and started listening to jazz from the 1940s and hip-hop music from the 1990s.

The talented artist continued performing around the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area while studying at Augsburg. They also recorded and shared their poem Pins and Needles on the YouTube channel Button Poetry.

However, Dua felt that poetry was not giving them much fulfillment so they started experimenting with melodies. They connected to producer Mike Fey via a mutual friend and started recording music. Then in May 2017, they released their first single, First Take under the stage name Dua. The single was a huge success online and Saleh even performed at the Eaux Claires festival.

The artist then kept working on new music but took time to put it out to the world. They released their debut EP, Nūr in January 2019 using their full name, Dua Saleh. The five-track received positive reviews and was loved by the listeners. They continued to make music and put out two more EPs, Rosetta and Crossover in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Saleh has found much success with their genre-bending music projects. Then in 2021, Dua was cast in the third season of Sex Education, a Netflix comedy-drama. They appeared in 9 episodes playing the part of Cal Bowman. Besides acting, Dua also performed in the soundtrack of Generation and Industry. We hope to see more of Dua Saleh’s musical and acting talent in the coming days.

Is Dua Saleh In A Relationship?

Talking about their personal life, Dua Saleh has not shared much regarding it. It is a known fact that they are non-binary, having come out during their second year at university. But Saleh has stated that they have “always been on gay sh*t.”

Saleh has kept much of their personal life away from the spotlight and has continued to do so. But we hope that in the coming days, we will get to know more about Dua and their life.