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Daysia Reneau Biography – Family, Music Journey & Relationship

Daysia Reneau Biography

The 22nd season of the reality TV show, The Voice ended in December 2022 with Woodstock, Georgia native Bryce Leatherwood securing the top spot. The show premiered in September 2022 and introduced many new voices to the millions of audiences who tuned in every week. And while Bryce was crowned the winner of the season, many other singers also managed to win people’s love and attention throughout the run of the show. One such individual was Daysia Reneau.

Daysia Reneau’s mature voice surprised not only the coaches but also the viewers. Having sung the 1961 song Crazy by Patsy Cline, the young singer managed to impress all of the coaches. But besides her singing skills, people have also shown interest in her life too. So, today we will take a look at Reneau’s life before fame.

Where Did Daysia Reneau Grow Up?

The Voice contestant grew up with her twin sister Maliyah Reneau in Hampton, Virginia and was raised by their mother. But sadly, Daysia Reneau’s mom passed away after being run over. Following the incident, she and her sister moved to Leavenworth, Kansas to reside with their aunt and uncle. They were only 12 at the time.

According to an article on Heart KC from April 2020, Daysia’s aunt Georgette Diggs and uncle James Diggs are her and her sister’s legal guardians. Moreover, after moving to the city, Reneau grew up alongside her cousins, Kristy Diggs and Jamie Diggs. The Diggs are a military family with both James and Georgette serving the country for several years.

Reneau is a student at the local Leavenworth Senior High School. She was a senior when auditioning for The Voice and continued with her studies. Moreover, while talking to LAMP, Daysia revealed that she had applied for the Howard University’s Theater Arts program. We wish the young star all the best for her studies.

How Did Daysia Reneau’s Music Journey Start?

Many musicians start their music journey as a young child, but the same cannot be said about Daysia Reneau. She may have had singing skills from early on, but only started taking it seriously two and a half years before auditioning for the 22nd season of The Voice. Reneau was reportedly inspired to sing seriously by her uncle, James Diggs after he heard her sing karaoke on a cruise ship.

James apparently encouraged to hone Daysia Reneau’s talent and tried to convince her to sing at the family’s jazz club, 424 Lounge. Finally, the young star gave in and showed up at the lounge to sing numerous songs including Whitney Houston’s classic, I Will Always Love You. To her surprise, Daysia received a standing ovation after her performance from the patrons and this led her to continue performing in the establishment.

Daysia Reneau sang soulful jazz songs from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston and Etta James. She became a regular performer at the 424 Lounge and gained motivation as the audiences continued to attend her performances. And it was the patrons themselves who suggested that Reneau audition for a national competition.

After hearing about it over and over again, Daysia looked into The Voice and was chosen for an audition. She sang Crazy by Patsy Cline during the blind audition and her part was aired in the fifth episode. Among the four coaches, Blake Shelton and Gwen Steffani turned their chairs after listening to Reneau singing for a full minute.

Well, Gwen and Blake battled it out to get the 17-year-old contestant to be on their respective team. Both of them commented about how great Daysia’s voice was and that they wanted someone like her on their respective team. Reneau ultimately chose to be a part of Team Gwen. And while Camilla Cabello and John Legend did not turn their chairs, they did share their excitement in hearing her sing again.

Daysia Reneau went on to compete with fellow Team Gwen member Julia Aslani in the battle round. They duo sang the popular song, Home by Michael Buble and Daysia was chosen as the winner of the battle. Then during the knockout round, Reneau and Alyssa Witrado sang the pop ballad Get Here by Brenda Russell. Sadly, the Hampton, Virginia native fell short during the performance and was eliminated.

Despite not making it to the Live Playoffs, Daysia Reneau is thankful for the experience she gained while on The Voice. Moreover, she has continued with her singing career, performing not only in her hometown but also in the musical city, Nashville. Well, we wish Daysia even more success in her music career.

Is Daysia Reneau In A Relationship?

Talking about the personal side of Daysia Reneau’s life, the young and upcoming singer has remained quiet regarding it. She has not talked much about her life with the media and is now only focused on her career.

But we hope that in the coming days we will see more of the young artist and will be introduced to Daysia Reneau’s partner.