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Daniel Middleton Biography – Career, Net Worth & Relationship Status

Daniel Middleton Biography

Daniel Middleton best known as DanTDM is a YouTuber, gamer who came into the limelight due to his video game commentaries. He has been active in the online spear for several years now and is listed among the top YouTube content creators. Over the years he has not only found fame through YouTube but has also set numerous records.

Well, there is more to Daniel’s life and his professional journey. If you are interested in knowing more about it, stay till the end of Middleton’s biography.

Where Is Daniel Middleton From?

The popular YouTuber was born Daniel Robert Middleton in Aldershot, Hampshire, England on November 8, 1991. He grew up alongside his two younger siblings and it was his brother, who introduced Daniel to Minecraft. He seems to share a close bond with his siblings.

Daniel Middleton’s parents separated when he was a child. Moreover, there are reports that his father was in the army which resulted in the family moving often. Sadly, there is no further information about his family.

As for his educational background, Middleton attended the University of Northampton. He reportedly studied music productions and worked at Tesco Express after graduating from college.

When Did Daniel Middleton Start His YouTube Journey?

Daniel Middleton started his YouTube journey in 2010 setting up his channel named PokemanDanLv45. He is an avid Pokemon Trading Card Game player and enjoys Pokemon content so, he created the channel while in college. But after being introduced to the game Minecraft, he created the gaming channel TheDiamondMinecart in 2012.

The British gamer started making Minecraft videos soon after and thanks to the game’s popularity, he too earned attention from millions of people. His content is largely targeted at children and this helped him gain 1 million subscribers in December 2013. The videos not only show Dan playing Minecraft but also providing hilarious commentary throughout the process.

TheDiamondMinecart aka DanTDM’s YouTube channel saw a massive rise in popularity and crossed 10 million subscribers count in August 2016. Daniel’s rise in the video sharing site has continued on and as of December 2022 he has over 26 million followers.

Moreover, in addition to Minecraft itself, Middleton has covered other video games such as Roblox, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Sims and more.

What Other Projects Has Daniel Middleton Has Been Involved In?

After gaining much fame through his YouTube channel, Daniel branched out to work on other ventures. He worked on and released a graphic novel titled Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal in 2016. It is a New York Times Best Seller and Middleton even went on a book tour to promote it further.

Furthermore, the British creator created the web series, DanTDM Creates a Big Scene starring himself and other social media entertainers and stars. He also had voice roles in animated projects such as Skylanders Academy, Minecraft: Story Mode and Ralph Breaks the Internet. Moreover, thanks to his popularity, Daniel made a cameo in the 2021 movie Free Guy featuring Ryan Reynolds.

How Rich Is Daniel Middleton?

Having found success as a gamer and YouTuber, DanTDM aka Daniel Middleton’s net worth being estimated to be $35 million seems plausible. His main channel already has over 18 billion total video views and helps him pocket millions every year.

Moreover, Daniel was named the Highest-Paid YouTuber Star by Forbes in 2017 earning $16.5 million in a year. He continued to be on the list for the following years. Also, Daniel’s fortune includes his earnings from merch sales and other product collaboration. His merchandise store includes products ranging from hoodies, backpacks, hats and more.

Who Is Daniel Middleton Married To?

Talking about his love life, Daniel is a married man and a father of two little ones. He tied the knot with his loving partner, Jemma Millward aka Jemma Middleton in March 2013. Daniel Middleton’s wife, Jemma also tried her hand in the YouTube world and used the name JemPlaysMC.

Daniel and Jemma welcomed their first child, Asher Middleton in January 2020. The pair decided to not reveal the face of their baby but continue to share their adventures on social media. The couple added to their family with the birth of their second son, Miles Middleton in November 2022.

The YouTuber has transitioned his life to become a father of two little boys and a loving husband to his wife. We wish the family of four even more happiness in the coming days.