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Crispy Concords Biography – Before Fame, Career & Relationships

Crispy Concords Biography

Crispy Concords is a popular video creator who has been in the YouTube sphere since early 2010s. He has been making videos for the popular platform for over a decade now and has gained much fame from his career. Crispy is known for his burgeoning music career.

Having been in the limelight for several years has led people to want to know more about Crispy. So, in this biography, we will take a look at Concord’s life before fame, career, and much more.

Where Is Crispy Concords From?

The popular YouTuber was born Parker Stevens on 31st October 1997. He was raised in Great Neck, New York by his parents. Sadly the identity of Crispy Concords’s mother and father has not been revealed yet. Also, whether he has any siblings has not been confirmed. However, Concords once tweeted stating that his brother was a doctor.

Well, we hope in the coming days we will get to know more about Crispy Concords’ family. Furthermore, the YouTuber has not shared much regarding his life before fame.

A similar is the case in regards to the New York native’s educational background. Whether he attended any school physically or if he was homeschooled is unclear. Nonetheless, let’s hope he had a great time while completing his studies.

When Did Crispy Concords Start His Career?

As stated above, Crispy Concords is a successful YouTuber who is currently among the most popular creators on the platform. He started his channel on September 2, 2012, but his first video was not uploaded till February 2013. Crispy’s earlier content had a mix of comedic as well as food videos. He made trolling and funny moments and slowly gained a following.

The creator also made numerous Let’s Play videos for several games in his early days on YouTube. He continued with this type of content and following the rise of Fortnite, started making videos on it. Crispy Concords shared a “Crispy Says” Fortnite video in August 2018 and it has over 15 million views now. Moreover, he reached the 1 million subscribers mark a week after the video was released.

As of September 2022, a decade after making the channel, Crispy Concords’s YouTube has over 2.66 million subscribers. Over the years the channel has garnered 300+ million total views. Moreover, he has two more channels, Extra Crispy, and Crispy Conversions which have 440K and 62.6K subscribers respectively.

Currently, Crispy focuses on making funny and creative videos for his YouTuber channel. Furthermore, he also runs a Twitch and TikTok channel, both of which are fairly popular. He is also credited as a musical artist has put out a few songs on Spotify and other platforms. He reportedly has 204K monthly listeners on Spotify.

In addition to YouTube and other online platforms, Crispy Concords’ net worth is also influenced by the sales of its merchandise. He has put out several t-shirts, hats, and other products which fans can find on the official site.

It is evident that Crispy Concords has found immense success from its online presence. We hope him all the best for his future.

Who Is Crispy Concords Dating Now?

While Crispy Concords has grown up in front of the spotlight, not much has been revealed about his personal life. He rarely talks about the details of his life with the fans and prefers to keep it under the radar.

Moreover, the YouTuber’s social media profiles such as Instagram do not give us any clue regarding his life. But let’s hope in the coming days we will find out who Crispy Concords’ partner is.

Well, we wish Crispy Concords all the best for his personal and professional success.