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Cricket Wampler Biography – Life, Career & Love Life

Cricket Wampler Biography

The Disney+ original series Big Shot gained audience attention soon after it premiered in 2021 due to its content. Moreover, the young stars on the show also managed to impress viewers even though they were starring alongside veterans like John Stamos.

Among those young actors who stole the show is Cricket Wampler. Now, fans are eager to know more about Cricket and learn about her life. So, in this biography, let’s take a look at Wampler’s life, career, and love life.

Who Is Cricket Wampler?

The Big Shot actress was born Christina Holly Wampler on January 27, 2001, in Tipp City, Ohio. She shares her birthday with her elder brother, Philip Wampler. She also has an older sister named Carrie Wampler. All of Cricket Wampler’s siblings are also involved in the acting business.

On the other hand, the actor’s mom and dad have not appeared in the spotlight even though all of their children are in the entertainment world. However, Cricket Wampler’s parents must be proud of her accomplishments, and we hope to learn more about them in the future.

As stated above, all of the Wampler siblings are actors, and Cricket also thanks her brother and sister for getting her into the world. As a young girl, she had no desire to become an actress, but after watching her siblings, she too found interest in the field. Cricket has not looked back since.

How Much Is Wampler’s Net Worth?

Having two siblings who took acting classes and worked professionally helped cultivate a love for the craft in young Cricket Wampler. She then took acting seriously and started doing it professionally. Cricket’s first television appearance was in 2013. She played Shelby in an episode of the show Crash & Bernstein.

Wampler also appeared in the television film Untitled Tad Quill Project the same year. She played the character Rachel in the TV movie. Then in 2014, Cricket once again had a brief appearance in a tv show. She played Hannah Bicklema in About a Boy and appeared in two episodes.

Cricket Wampler then had a small part as a choir student in the pilot episode of Mr. Robinson. This was in 2015, and after this, she was not involved in another project for several years. In one of her interviews, the actress stated that at one point she could not book a role for about five years. But it seems like she has left those days behind, as she is now one of the breakout stars from Big Shot.

Disney’s Big Shot first premiered in 2021, and Cricket plays Samantha Finkman in the show. She stars alongside big names like John Stamos, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jessalyn Gilsig, and Richard Robichaux, among others. Wampler managed to hold her own while working with these actors, and fans have also shown their appreciation for her.

The Ohio native, who currently lives in Los Angeles, has definitely worked hard for her part in the series. She has already starred in all ten episodes of the first season and is set to appear in several episodes of the second season.

Well, it seems like the talented actress’ career is on the rise, and we will undoubtedly see her in many other projects. Moreover, with her rising career, Cricket Wampler’s net worth will also see a big increase in the future.

Is Cricket Wampler In A Relationship?

The talented actress has already made a name for herself in the entertainment world. As a result, fans are very interested in knowing about her and her love life. However, Cricket Wampler prefers privacy and has not shared much about her life.

Furthermore, Cricket’s Instagram also does not clue us about her romantic life. While she does share pictures with her friends and family, the Big Shot star is yet to introduce her partner. So, it may be that she is still single, or maybe she wants to keep her love life away from the spotlight.

Whatever the reason, it seems like we will have to be patient to meet Cricket Wampler’s partner. Well, we wish the actress all the best both in her professional and romantic endeavors.