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Corinna Brown Biography – Childhood, Career & Relationship Status

Corinna Brown Biography

The British coming-of-age show Heartstopper became an instant hit after it was released on Netflix in April 2022. The amazing LGBTQ+-focused story and cute graphics in the series were loved by many of the viewers. Along with the show, the cast also found immense fame immediately, and one of them who is now a worldwide sensation is Corinna Brown.

Corinna played Tara Jones in Heartstopper and became a fan favorite instantly. So, today, let’s take a look at Brown’s biography and get to know her better.

Where Is Corinna Brown From?

The Heartstopper star was born in London, England, and grew up there. And as per Famous Birthdays, Corrina Brown’s birthday is on December 24, and she was born in 1998. Brown has remained silent regarding her childhood and has not revealed much about her early life.

Moreover, information regarding Corinna Brown’s parents is also a big mystery. Also, whether she is an only child or if she has any children is also unknown. However, she must have grown up in a loving environment with supportive family members, as she has been involved in the movie business for a long time now.

Furthermore, it is unclear if Corinna was enrolled in a high school or if she was homeschooled. But we do know that she was a student of the University of Essex’s East 15 Acting School. Brown has graduated and was apparently in the class of 2020. However, it seems like the global pandemic delayed her graduation ceremony, as she only shared her pictures of the ceremony in April 2022.

It is evident that Corinna was interested in the field of arts from an early age, and now she has already found fame as an actress.

When Did Corinna Brown’s Acting Career Start?

As aforementioned, Corinna Brown was interested in acting from an early age. Therefore, it is no surprise that her debut in the entertainment business was in 2012 with the television movie My Murder. She starred in Nashauna the TV movie which revolved around a teenager with delinuest past who wants to turn his life around.

After My Murder, Corrina seems to have taken a break from the professional acting scene. But she made her comeback in 2017 and appeared in the movie Daphne. She only had a small part in the film. The following year, she provided the voice for the character Internet in the short film Profile.

Then in 2020, Corrina Brown had a small part as Messala/Fifth Plebeian in the television series, The Show Must Go Online. After this, Brown booked the part of Tara Jones in the TV adaptation of the webcomic and graphic novel Heartstopper by Alice Oseman. After the show premiered in 2022, Corrina gained much prominence for her performance.

Besides acting, Corrina Brown is also interested in dancing and has reportedly trained in the field. She even starred as a background dancer in music videos and performed onstage with a few artists. Furthermore, she has credit as a stunt double for Mogali Masuku in the 2021 movie, Dashcam.

Well, it is evident that Corrina is a very talented human being and has also been trained in the craft. But seeing as she has only started her acting journey, there is much more to see from her. Let’s hope we get to see Brown shine more on screen in the coming days.

Who Is Carrina Brown Dating?

Well, Carrina Brown played a young lesbian girl who comes out and introduces her girlfriend to the world in Heartstopper. Her performance was well-received by the viewers, but they are also eager to know whether Brown is also in a personal relationship.

Sadly, Carrina has remained secretive regarding her romances and has not talked much about her love life. It is also unclear if she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Furthermore, Brown’s Instagram also does not give any indication of her love life.

Nonetheless, we hope Corinna Brown is enjoying her life to the fullest and she continues to find success in her personal and professional life.