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Christine Chiu Biography – Net Worth, Career, Relationship & Family

Christine Chiu Biography

Anyone who has watched Netflix’s Bling Empire must be aware of Christine Chiu. She has been a part of the reality show as a star and a producer since its inception. Along with her television appearances, Chiu is also known for her philanthropy and her business ventures. 

However many might not be aware of her personal story. Therefore, in this biography, we will look into the life of Christine Chiu and get to know her better. 

Spent Her Early Years In Taiwan 

Christine Alexandra Chiu aka Christine Chiu was born and brought up in Taiwan. She comes from a financially sound background and has now made a name for herself in the US. Not much has been revealed about Chiu’s childhood and her family members. Nonetheless, it is evident that she grew up in a loving household. 

Just like her childhood, information regarding her schooling is a big mystery. But it is no secret that she attended Pepperdine University and graduated with honors. She has a degree in international business and has utilized her studies to set up her own business ventures. 

Christine Chiu’s Net Worth And Earnings 

After completing her college studies, the Bling Empire star took to the beauty industry and focused her time on the public relations realm. So, it is no surprise that Celebrity Net Worth estimates Christine Chiu’s net worth to be $80 million. 

Many might assume that Christine married into wealth, but according to the reality star herself, she was the one who founded Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. She reportedly hired her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu as her first employee. The couple is now making a large sum of money through their business. Dr. Chiu’s clients include the who’s who of Hollywood. 

Christine Chiu serves as the managing director at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and now is also a reality star. Chiu and her husband joined the Netflix show, Bling Empire because they wanted to show more diversity. Since joining the show, the couple has showcased their lavish lifestyle along with their cultural values. 

But not only is Christine involved with the Netflix show and her plastic surgery clinic, she also makes time to attend several fashion shows in a year. According to her Harper’s Bazaar piece, Chiu makes time for 30 shows every year and even purchases items from each. Well, it is evident that the Bling Empire star is enjoying a lavish lifestyle. 

However, not only has the Chiu couple utilized their wealth to live comfortably, but they have also given back to society. According to Christine, they invest 50% of their earnings from her practice back to the community. 

Moreover, Chiu identifies herself as a philanthropist, and rightfully so. She has served as a board member of several charitable organizations like Step Up Woman’s Network, UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative, and L.A. County Museum of Art’s Costume Council.  

Well, it is evident that Christine Chiu’s net worth of $80 million is being used in many charitable ventures.   

Chiu Is A Married Woman 

As aforementioned, Christine Chiu runs her business alongside her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu. The couple has been together for quite some time now. Christine and Gabriel are very secretive about their lives together and have not talked much about when and how they met. 

Nonetheless, in the reality show Bling Empire, Christine has talked about her relationship with her in-laws. Also, the duo faced a difficult fertility journey which might have brought them even closer together. 

Well, after having many difficulties conceiving, the Chiu couple welcomed their only child, Gabriel Chiu best known as Baby G. Now, the married pair are spoiling their baby boy with all the love in the world. And Christine loves to show off little snippets of Baby G’s life through Instagram. 

Let’s hope we continue to find out more about Christine Chiu and her husband and son. We also wish the Chiu family all the happiness in the coming days.