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Christina Chong Biography – Family, Career & Relationship

Christina Chong Biography

Christina Chong is a talented actress who started out her career as a musical theater artist. She now has found fame as a television and movie star and has worked on numerous projects such as Doctor Who, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Line of Duty and Black Mirror. She has also showcased her skills as a dancer and singer and has worked behind the scenes as a writer and co-director.

Thanks to her appearances in many popular projects over the years, Chong has managed to catch the attention of many people around the world. And besides her career, they also want to know more about her life. Thus, in this biography let’s take a look at Christina’s childhood, training, family, relationships and more.

Where Is Christina Chong From?

The Black Mirror star was born in Enfield, London, England on September 18, 1983. She grew up alongside five siblings in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire at first. But after Christina Chong’s parents, she and her siblings moved to Longridge, Lancashire, their mother’s hometown. Among the actress’ five siblings, she has only introduced her followers to her little sister Elizabeth Chong.

Talking about her childhood, Christina has revealed that she and her siblings were most probably the only mixed-race kids in Lancashire. Her mother is English while his dad is Chinese who reportedly moved to the UK from Hong Kong. Her father apparently worked low wage jobs in restaurants while her mom stayed home to raise the Chong siblings. But after the divorce, the actress’ dad stayed in London while the rest of the family moved.

How Did Christina Chong’s Journey Into Show Business Start?

Christina’s introduction to the world of performance art was as a four year old as she started dancing then. She attended the Sutcliffe School of Dance in Longridge, Lancashire and continued to do so for years to come. Then at the age of 13, Chong auditioned for a seat at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London.

Christina was successful and received a placement in the school. However, the actress’ family could not afford to accept the placement since they did not have enough money for it. But apparently, Chong’s mother saved up enough to send her to the summer school. And later she also helped the actress secure funding from The Shepherd Street Trust who then paid for the first year of Christina’s studies.

The Enfield born star continued her training at the performing arts school and graduated five years later. And right after completing her studies, Christina got to showcase her skills on a professional level.

What Projects Has Christina Chong Worked On?

As stated above, the talented star trained at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and started her professional journey soon after. She was selected to play the lead in the production of Elton John’s musical Aida in Berlin. Sadly, Chong injured her hamstring which resulted in the end of her dancing and musical theater career.

However, after the producer of Aida told her that they chose her for her acting, Christina turned her focus into pursuing a career in the field. She even moved to New York to train at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute for 18 months.

She returned to London following the training, but had difficulties securing significant roles initially. Chong stated that she was only being put up for Asian roles and shared that she took up a teaching job in Primrose Hill to support herself.

As for her acting career, Christina Chong made her debut in 2003 playing a small part in the show, Night & Day. She then appeared in the movies Chemical Wedding, Freakdog, and Legacy and also had a brief role in the popular television series Doctor Who.

Her breakthrough came in 2011 with supporting roles in the films Johnny English Reborn and W.E. This was followed by small parts in the shows Whitechapel and Case Sensitive before booking a recurring role in the show, Monroe.

Christina Chong continued on with her acting journey working in numerous other movies and television series. Listed below are few of the projects that she has appeared in over the years:

  • Black Mirror
  • The Wrong Mans
  • 24: Live Another Day
  • Halo: Nightfall
  • Dominion
  • Christmas Eve
  • Of Kings and Prophets
  • Bulletproof
  • Heirs of the Night
  • Line of Duty

The talented actress found worldwide prominence after starring in a main role in the show, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in 2022. She stars as La’an Noonien-Singh in the series and has already become a fan favorite.

Chong had previously been cast in a minor role in the 2014 movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but her scenes were cut in the final cut. She also has a short film titled Mikayla W.M.D. in post production where she played the main part.

Furthermore, Christina has tried her hand in other parts of the movie business. She wrote the short film Charing X which was released in 2017 and served as the co-director of the 2021 short Bobby Jaws. It is evident that she is a multi talented individual who still has many things to wow her audiences with.

Is Christina Chong In A Relationship?

While we have extensively covered the details about the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star, she has remained evasive regarding the personal side of her life. There are no reports regarding the current relationship status of Christina and her social media pages too does not give us any clue regarding the matter.

However, in an interview from 2014, Chong has mentioned her boyfriend. She talked about how her partner was a huge Star Wars fan and was asking her to watch the movies. Furthermore, Christina stated that he was a founder of a parkour company and the pair trained together.

Since the interview is from 2014, it is unclear if Christina is still together with her partner. She has not shared any pictures relating to her relationships on Instagram. Nonetheless, we hope she is happy in her life and continues to find more success.