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Chloe Veitch Biography – Childhood, Career & Net Worth

Chloe Veitch Biography

If you are someone who keeps up with the reality stars, then you must be familiar with the beautiful Chloe Veitch. She is a model and a television personality who has appeared in numerous reality shows. 

Well, Chloe has undoubtedly made a major imprint on people’s life due to her amazing personality. So, today let’s get to know more about Veitch in this biography. 

Chloe Is From England 

The reality television star was born Chloe Veitch on March 6, 1999, in Clacton, Essex. She grew up in Essex and seems to have enjoyed a lovely childhood. While Chloe has found fame due to her reality show appearances, she has not revealed much about her early life. 

Furthermore, who Chloe Veitch’s parents are is a big mystery. She has also not talked about if she has any siblings. Well, we do hope to learn more about Chloe’s family and also see how she grew up. 

Chloe Veitch’s Net Worth And Career 

While many recognize her as a reality star, Chloe started her career as a model. She was an in-demand model and had previously won beauty pageants such as Top Model. Veitch walked at the London Fashion Week and posed for several other campaigns. 

Furthermore, Chloe Veitch is an influencer and has utilized her massive social media following to further her career. As of June 2022, she has over 1.8 million Instagram followers, 755K on TikTok, and 19.4K on Twitter. On these various social media sites, Veitch endorses products from various brands. 

Along with social media fame, Chloe has also gained immense popularity due to her reality series appearances. She first starred in the short film Muchh as the Manager and GF of Diljit Dosanjh. She then appeared in the reality show Too Hot to Handle. 

While on the show, Too Hot to Handle, Veitch managed to endear herself to fans after proclaiming herself a dating trainwreck. While she did not manage to find love while on the show, Chloe made a lifelong friend Nicole O’Brien. Moreover, she reportedly walked away with $7,5000 after the series ended. 

Then in 2021 Chloe returned to the real scene and appeared as a contestant in the show The Circle. She was the only British individual in the series but managed to charm the audience. She gained international recognition after starring in The Circle. 

Chloe Veitch has continued to appear in several other reality shows. She participated in Celebrity Ghost Trip, Celebrity Hunted, and also Eating with my Ex. As per a few of her interviews, she also has hosting gigs lined up which will undoubtedly help further her career. 

Seeing as she has built her career as a reality star, it is no surprise that Chloe Veitch’s net worth is influenced by it. Moreover, she continues to appear in numerous shows which will help increase her total fortune. 

Who Is Chloe Veitch’s Boyfriend? 

While Chloe failed to find love while starring in Too Hot To Handle, she seems to have some success in The Circle. Veitch connected with fellow contestant Mitchell Eason and the duo continued to build the relationship even after the show ended. Afterward, while talking to Cosmopolitan, the British reality star stated that even if they did share a kiss after the camera turned off, the duo had not put any label on their relationship. 

A few months later, in another interview, Chloe confirmed that she was dating Mitchell. He was also the person who picked Veitch up at the airport when she first visited America. It seems like the couple is still going strong as Chloe Veitch’s boyfriend comments on her Instagram posts. 

We wish the lovely couple a wonderful time ahead and hope to learn more about them and their relationship in the future.