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Cheryl Ladd Biography – Early Life, Acting & Singing Journey & Marriage

Cheryl Ladd Biography

Cheryl Ladd is a talented actress and singer who is best known for her portrayal of Kris Munroe in the TV show, Charlie’s Angels. She has also worked on movies such as Purple Hearts, Millennium, Permanent Midnight, Poison Ivy, and Unforgettable. Moreover, Ladd has put out five studio albums and numerous singles over the years.

The multi-talented individual has found immense fame and fortune in her career and people have shown much interest in her life. So, today we will take a look at Cheryl’s childhood, her acting and singing journey as well as her relationship details.

Where Did Cheryl Ladd Grow Up?

The Charlie’s Angels star was born in Huron, South Dakota, on July 12, 1951, as Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor. She grew up alongside her older sister in her hometown. Cheryl Ladd’s parents Marion Stoppelmoor and Dolores Katz worked as railroad engineers and waitresses respectively and tried to give her and her sibling a happy life.

Well, there are no concrete details about where Ladd completed her studies. But we do know that after high school, Cheryl traveled with the music band, The Music Shop, playing venues around the midwest before settling in Los Angeles, California in 1970.

When Did Cheryl Ladd Start Her Career In Hollywood?

As stated above, Cheryl Ladd moved to LA in 1970 after touring with a band through the midwest. And soon after coming to the city, Ladd was involved in the animated series Josie and the Pussycats as the singing voice for the character Melody. She kept up the part till the following year and then booked her first non-singing part in the movie Chrome and Hot Leather in 1971. For these two projects, she was credited as Cherie Moor.

Following this, Cheryl went by Cheryl Jean Steppemoor or Cheryl Stoppelmoor and appeared in numerous projects such as The Rookies, Double Identity, Ironside, Search, Satan’s School for Girls, Harry O, The Treasure, among others. She then started to use the name Cheryl Ladd and made guest appearances in many series including Police Woman, Switch, Police Story, The Fantastic Journey, and The San Pedro Beach Bums.

In 1977, Cheryl Ladd got her big acting break after being cast as Kris Munroe in the hit TV series Charlie’s Angels. She started out in the second season having replaced Farrah Fawcett who left to pursue a movie career. Cheryl played the younger sister of Farrah’s character so that the transition was easier for the audience. Ladd starred in four seasons of Charlie’s Angels until its cancellation in 1981.

Having won people’s hearts through Charlie’s Angels, Ladd continued to be a regular face on television as well as on the big screen. She appeared in many projects including A Death in California, Grace Kelly, Purple Hearts, Millennium, Poison Ivy, Permanent Midnight, One West Waikiki, Las Vegas, American Crime Story, and many more. She also made her Broadway debut portraying the titular character in the production of Annie Get Your Gun from September 2000 to January 2001.

It is evident that the South Dakota native found much success in her acting career and continues to wow audiences with her performances. Moreover, Cheryl Ladd’s net worth of $12 million shows us that the star has also earned significantly from her journey in Hollywood.

Did Cheryl Ladd Also Found Success In The Music Field?

Well, just like her acting career, Cheryl Ladd also started her music journey soon after landing in LA. She sang on the 1970 album, Josie and the Pussycats, with the band of the same name. The band was designed to be the real-life incarnation of the fictional band in the Archie comic book and the animated show. Ladd was part of the group as Cherie Moor and performed alongside Patrice Holloway and Cathy Douglas.

Cheryl then embarked on her solo music journey and released her self-titled debut album in 1978. The record as well as the singles, which were released through Capitol Records, were immensely popular. The following year, Ladd put out her second solo album, Dance Forever. Two more records, Take a Chance and You Make It Beautiful were released in 1981 and 1982, both released in Japan.

All of the music that she produced over the years was popular among the fans. Moreover, with such success, Cheryl Ladd’s net worth also undoubtedly saw a considerable rise.

Besides music and acting, Cheryl has also found success as an author. She published The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship, a children’s book in 1996. Then in 2005, she published an autobiographical project which focused on her love of golf titled Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide to Golfing With the Boys. Ladd’s writing projects were very popular.

Who Is Cheryl Ladd Married To?

Much like her career, the multi-talented star seems to have found success and happiness in her personal life. She has been married to Brian Russell since 1981 and the duo has enjoyed a lovely time together. Moreover, Cheryl Ladd’s husband is a music producer and had already welcomed a daughter named, Lindsay Russell from his previous relationship.

However, before finding her love with Brian, Cheryl Ladd had to go through a big heartbreak. She was first married to late actor Alan Ludd’s son, David Ladd, also an actor. The pair tied the knot in 1973 and welcomed a daughter named Jordan Ladd together. The actress even took David’s surname and continues to use it despite their divorce in 1980. Well, we hope all the parties are happy with their lives now.