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Catherine Ritchson Biography – Family Life, Professional Background & Motherhood

Catherine Ritchson Biography

Catherine Ritchson first came into the limelight because of her relationship with the American actor Alan Ritchson. Alan has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade working not only as an actor but also as a producer, model, singer, and songwriter. Fans mostly recognize him for his performance in projects such as Smallville, Blue Mountain State, Titans, and Reacher.

Due to the pair’s relationship, along with Alan, fans are also very eager to know more about Catherine herself. So, today we will take a look at Cat Ritchson’s family life, professional background, and motherhood.

Where Is Catherine Ritchson From?

Well, seeing as Alan is a popular actor, we know that he is from Grand Forks, North Dakota and was born on November 28, 1982. On the other hand, when Catherine was born and where she is originally from is unknown. Moreover, the identity of Catherine Ritchson’s parents and if she has any siblings is also a big mystery.

But what we do know is that Alan and Catherine are high school sweethearts. Therefore, Cat must have grown up in North Dakota. Furthermore, she reportedly did ballet and met her future husband there. Also, the Reacher star revealed that young Cat used to bring him cookies before their performances. This unsurprisingly helped her win Alan’s heart.

While we know very little about her childhood and family, we hope that Catherine Ritchson had a wonderful childhood. Moreover, we hope to learn more about her early life in the coming days.

What Does Catherine Ritchson Do Professionally?

Much like information about her family and childhood, Catherine Ritchson has remained elusive about her professional background. A cursory glance through her profile on the internet does not give us any idea regarding what Ritchson’s career is.

However, after a deeper dive, we can say that much like her husband, Cat Ritchson has also tried her hand at entertainment. But unlike Alan, who shines in front of the camera, Catherine seems to prefer to work behind the scenes. On her IMDb page, Ritchson is credited as the executive producer of the short film, Tree House Time Machine. The project, which was written and directed by Alan Ritchson, came out in 2017.

Furthermore, Ritchson is reportedly a writer for the ongoing project, Employee 665. There is no further information regarding this project. But we hope to know more about Catherine’s role in it. Also, Cat has received special thanks in television shows such as Wonder Pets! and Spellagram but what connection she had to them is unclear. Nonetheless, it is evident that Catherine has tried her hand in the movie business.

Additionally, as per Corporation Wiki, Catherine Ritchson serves as the Vice President for the production company, Allycat Entertainment Inc. The company was founded by Alan Ritchson and is based in Sherman Oak, California. One of the projects under the company is the short, Tree House Time Machine.

Besides her work in Hollywood, Catherine seems to be involved in philanthropic activities. She does not hesitate to attend many charity events and support different organizations. We hope she continues her good work in the coming days.

When Did Catherine Ritchson Get Married?

As stated above, Catherine Ritchson first came into the limelight as Alan Ritchson’s wife. The pair have been together since their high school days. As a result, Cat has been by Alan’s side throughout his career in the entertainment business. Well, it is unclear when the couple decided to get engaged but according to IMDb, they tied the knot in May 2006.

Catherine and Alan Ritchson celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in May 2021. However, the love they have for each other has not dwindled. Rather the Ritchson couple is even more in love now and the proof of it is their three beautiful boys.

Alan and Catherine Ritchson’s children are Amory Ritchson, Edan Ritchson, and Calem Ritchson. The boys are growing up in a loving household with Cat reportedly taking over the role of primary caretaker for them. Moreover, the blonde beauty does not hesitate to share pictures of her kids and share their stories with her followers.

Well, we wish the Ritchson family all the happiness in the coming days.