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Bunnie Xo Biography – Family, Career & Marriage

Bunnie Xo Biography

Bunnie Xo is an internet personality who is known for her work on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms. She is a well-known model and also hosts her own podcast named Dumb Blonde Podcast. Besides her own profession, Xo is also known as the singer and rapper Jelly Roll’s wife.

Jelly and Bunnie are among the most popular couples in the country music scene. People are interested to know more about the pair and Bunnie herself. So, in this biography, we will take a look at Xo’s childhood, family, career, married life, and more.

Where Is Bunnie Xo From?

The social media star was born in Houston, Texas, US on January 22, 1980, as per Famous Birthdays. Sadly, she has not shared much about her childhood and family. Moreover, who Bunnie Xo’s parents are if she has any siblings is a mystery. But let’s hope that in the coming days, we will get to meet and know more about Bunnie’s family.

In a similar vein, details about Xo’s educational background have not been revealed yet. But she must have completed her high school studies in her hometown.

What Does Bunnie Xo Do Professionally?

Talking about her professional journey, Bunnie Xo is best known for her internet presence. She is a model, YouTuber, and podcast host who has found fame from these ventures. She is the sole owner of Dumb Blonde Productions and through it hosts the Dumb Blonde Podcast available on all podcast platforms. Moreover, the podcast is a top-ranking show and covers details about all walks of life.

Furthermore, Xo who is also known as Bunnie DeFord has also found fame as a model. Her Instagram and other social media pages are filled with her modeling shots. She also runs an OnlyFans account and has been successful in her modeling ventures.

Bunnie Xo also has a self-titled YouTube channel which currently boasts over 201K followers. She set up the channel in 2018 and has since garnered over 11 million total video views. On the channel, one can find the visual version of the Dumb Blonde Podcast, and videos ranging from vlogs and other content. Xo has also produced numerous series including Meet the DeFords, where she provides a look into her family.

The Bunnie Xo channel also features the behind the scene content of Bunnie’s husband, Jelly Roll’s music video shooting, live shows, and more. Content related to Bunnie and Jelly’s travels and family life is very popular among the audiences.

Well, along with YouTube, DeFord has also gained a huge following on the short-form video platform, TikTok. It is evident that Bunny has amassed fame and fortune through various internet platforms. Well, we wish her more success in the coming days.

How Long Has Bunnie Xo Been Married To Jelly Roll?

As stated above several times, Bunnie Xo is married to the talented rapper and singer Jelly Roll. The pair reportedly tied the knot on August 31, 2016. Both Bunnie and Jelly celebrated their sixth anniversary by sharing loving words for their partner on Instagram.

Moreover, Jelly Roll aka Jason DeFord revealed that they actually tied the knot at a courthouse while drunk. Despite this, their marriage is still going strong. Also, the couple stated that they first met while Roll was opening at the Las Vegas Country Saloon. Their relationship started soon after and now they have already celebrated six years as a married pair.

Furthermore, Jason has stated that his wife has been a positive influence in not only his but also his daughter’s life. Bunnie reportedly helped raise DeFord’s little girl from his previous relationship. He also has one more child but the identity of Bunnie Xo’s stepchildren has not been revealed yet.

We wish the DeFord family all the best for their future.