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Brandi Maxiell Biography – Childhood, Career & Marriage

Brandi Maxiell Biography

Brandi Maxiell is a television personality and entrepreneur who first came into the limelight as a cast member of Basketball Wives LA. She is married to an NBA player but has now made a name for herself in the world of business and entertainment. Moreover, Brandi is known for her work spreading awareness about ovarian cancer.

Well, thanks to her various roles in the world, Brandi has gained the attention of a number of people around the world. If you too are interested in knowing more about Maxiell, stick till the very end of this biography.

Where Is Brandi Maxiell From?

The Basketball Wives LA star was born Brandi M. Duncan in Dallas, Texas, on May 21, 1983. She reportedly grew up alongside her sister who goes by the username jaydepenn on Instagram. Moreover, Brandi Maxiell’s mother is Terri Duncan but the identity of her father is unclear. What we do is that sadly Maxiell’s dad passed away in May 2021.

Well, Brandi has spent much of her life in Dallas, Texas, and even completed her studies there. She attended the University of North Texas and reportedly graduated in 2007. However, what degree she earned is a mystery. Nonetheless, it is clear that the state is her hometown and she spent much of her early years there.

What Does Brandi Maxiell Do Professionally?

As stated above, Brandi Maxiell was born and brought up in Texas and even completed her studies there. While it is unclear when her professional journey started, we do know that the first time she came into the spotlight was in 2010. Maxiell appeared in an episode titled Basketball Wives of the television series documentary, E! True Hollywood Story.

Following this, she appeared in the highly popular VH1 show Basketball Wives LA. This opportunity came to her lap as she is married to Jason Maxiell, an NBA player. Brandi was among the most interesting individuals on the reality show despite being labeled boring by her fellow cast members. Moreover, her fame rose after Maxiell shared her experiences as a cancer survivor.

Brandi Maxiell was reportedly diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the young age of 24. She stated that the disease had started in the reproductive tract and later affected her eggs. But she was fortunate enough to be diagnosed when the disease was in stage 1 and receive proper medical care. The reality star went through numerous chemotherapy treatments and was proclaimed cancer-free in 2008. Being open about her health issues must have been one of the reasons why Brandi’s popularity grew exponentially.

Jason Maxiell’s wife appeared on the show from 2014 to 2016 and following this, the Maxiell couple appeared in an episode of Iyanla, Fix My Life in 2018. Brandi returned to the reality show to the world through the series, Basketball Wives. She is reportedly set to share more of her life in the coming days.

Well, apart from her work in the television world, Brandi Maxiell has also made a name for herself as an entrepreneur. She is the owner of numerous business ventures including Midway Salon Suites and Brandi Maxiell Cosmetics. She also runs the Maxiell Kitchen page where one can find recipes shared by Brandi. Furthermore, she set up the store, E11even where she sells clothing items.

Looking at all the work she does professionally, it can be assumed that Brandi Maxiell’s net worth is substantial. Moreover, Jason Maxiell has a fortune of $8 million which helped the family enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

How Long Has Brandi Maxiell Married To Her Husband?

Talking about her love life, Brandi Maxiell is happily married to American basketball player Jason Maxiell. The pair have reportedly been together since their high school days and continued to enjoy their life. Moreover, Brandi and Jason tied the knot in 2010 surrounded by their friends and family members.

A year after their marriage Brandi Maxiell gave birth to her only child named Jason Maxiell II. The Maxiell couple is raising their son in a loving environment and it seems like Jason II is following in his dad’s footsteps. Well, we wish the family more happiness in the future.