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Blake McIver Ewing Biography – Early Life, Net Worth & Relationship Status

Blake Mclver Ewing Biography

Child stars either continue to work in the entertainment business in any capacity or try to stay away from the limelight after growing up. Well, among those who have continued their journey in Hollywood is the popular child actor Blake McIver Ewing.

Many might recognize Blake from his appearances in Full House, The Little Rascals, and Hey Arnold! But today he has found fame due to his musical career. But fans are also eager to see how Ewing grew up and what is going on with his life. So, let’s take a look at his biography.

Where Is Blake McIver Ewing From?

The former child star was born on March 27, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, to his parents Susie McIver Ewing and Bill Ewing. Both of Blake McIver Ewing’s parents were involved in the industry in some capacity. Also, since Blake grew up in the entertainment capital of the world, it is no surprise that he too works in the movie business.

Blake began acting when he was a child, so his schooling experience must not have been like that of normal children. He might have been homeschooled. But despite living a charmed life, Ewing once stated that he was close to becoming a gay teen suicide statistic. Well, the child actor has now grown up and is thriving in his life.

How Much Has Blake McIver Ewing Earned?

As stated above, the Los Angeles native started his career as a child actor and has starred in numerous popular shows. So, there is no doubt that Blake McIver Ewing’s net worth is substantial.

Blake made his debut in 1992, starring in the popular sitcom Full House. He played the character Derek, who is the main character and Michelle Turner’s foe turned friend. Ewing continued to appear in the shows over the years and even reprised the role in the sequel, Fuller House. He then appeared in the movie Calendar Girl as a 6-year-old Ned and also performed in an episode of The Nanny.

The child actor then starred in several movies and TV shows such as Home Improvement, Problem Child 3: Junior in Love, Minor Adjustments, Clueless, and Tom and Huck. Blake found fame as Waldo in The Little Rascals and also appeared in A Very Sordid Wedding, Jen in Sessions, and The Drew Carey Show.

Furthermore, Blake has also lent his voice to various animated characters as a child. He provided the voice for characters in Recess, Tarzan, Histeria!, Lloyd in Space, and Father of the Pride. However, he is best known as the voice of Eugene Horowitz in the famous children’s show Hey Arnold!

Blake McIver Ewing may have found fame as a child actor, but as an adult, he mostly focuses on his music. He released his debut album, titled The Time Manipulator, in May 2014. He had previously written and performed “Along the River,” the end credit song for the film End of the Spear.

Furthermore, at one point, the former Full House star served as a go-go dancer in Los Angeles and earned enough money to finish his record. In July 2015, Ewing released the equality anthem, This Is Who We Are.

Also, Blake has taken up the mantle of host and worked on The People’s Couch, Below Deck, and AfterBuzz TV. Moreover, he has also performed in live shows and hosts The Con Artist Podcast.

Well, looking at all of the ventures he has tried his hands on, Blake McIver Ewing’s net worth must be in the millions.

Who Is Blake McIver Dating?

As aforementioned, Blake McIver Ewing has found immense fame thanks to his time as a child actor as well as his current career. As a result, he has garnered fans who want to know if he is dating anyone and who his partner is. Well, he is currently in a relationship with Emerson Collins, and the two have been together for a while.

Blake McIver Ewing’s boyfriend, Emerson, is an actor and singer. The couple has performed together on multiple occasions. Both Blake and Emerson are open about their love for each other on Instagram and share pictures together.

We hope Blake McIver Ewing’s career continues to grow and he finds even more happiness in his personal life.