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Anna Shay Biography – Family, Career & Relationships

Anna Shay Biography

Bling Empire, the Netflix original reality show, is considered a mashup of Selling Sunset and Crazy Rich Asians. The show follows and documents the lives of rich East Asians and Asian-American socialites who are based in the Los Angeles area. Bling Empire is described as the real-life Crazy Rich Asians, and as a result, it has captured the eye of millions of viewers.

Among the long list of cast members is socialite and philanthropist, Anna Shay. She has become a fan favorite due to her hilarious one-liners and overall attitude. Regarded as the matriarch of the series, Anna Shay’s life has been the talk of the town. Today, let’s take a look at her biography and get to know more about her.

Who Are Anna Shay’s Parents?

The Bling Empire star was born in Japan as one of the two children of her mom and dad. Anna Shay’s parents are Edward Shay, an American industrialist, and Ai Oizumi Shay, who had Japanese and Russian ancestry. She grew up with her brother, Allen Shay.

Anna’s father, Edward, was the founder of the international engineering company, Pacific Architects and Engineers, and served as its CEO and chairman till his death in 1995. Shay’s mom had a passion for art and shared an extensive Japanese art collection with Edward. Sadly, Anna Shay lost her mom in September 2015.

Having spent her earlier years in Japan, Anna Shay and her family moved to the US in 1968 and made Los Angeles their primary home. Since then, the Bling Empire star has stayed in LA and continues to spend her life there.

How Much Fortune Did Anna Shay Inherit From Her Parents?

As aforementioned, Anna Shay’s father was the founder and CEO of Pacific Architects and Engineers. The Shay family made money through the arms and defense technology trade. PA&E reportedly assisted the US government’s effort to rebuild Asia after the devastating World War II.

Owing to the massive riches that her parents amassed, the Bling Empire was born with a silver spoon. As per Anna, her mom used to say that she was born in a crystal ball with a silver spoon. The Shay siblings grew up enjoying a lavish life.

Sadly, Anna Shay and her brother Allen lost their dad in 1995. However, the siblings only received Edward’s shares in 2006 and reportedly sold them for $1.2 billion in hard cash. As a result, Shay apparently has around $600 million to her name.

What Does Anna Do Professionally?

The well-known socialite grew up lavishly and even had a pet monkey as a child. Moreover, Anna Shay’s net worth is estimated to be around $600 million thanks to the fortune she inherited from her late father. But apart from her inheritance, where does Anna earn money from?

Well, having been born into a wealthy family, Anna did not have to work for a living, and apparently, she did not. However, she knows the value of money and has shared her thoughts about how people think money is going to change everything.

While it is unclear if she did actually have a career, Anna reportedly managed a Cuban Salsa band at one point. Shay didn’t speak Spanish then but wanted to help because they were apparently not as successful as Anna thought they could be.

Now, as a cast member of Bling Empire, Anna Shay receives a certain amount for her appearance in the show. She had previously thought that she would only work behind the scenes but has now become one of the most popular members of the show. Moreover, Anna stated that she did not know what to do with the money she earned from the reality series.

Whatever she might do with the money she received, it is evident that the cheque has also influenced Anna Shay’s net worth. Well, we will undoubtedly see more of her lavish lifestyle in Bling Empire.

Who Was Anna Married To?

Despite being a socialite and a reality show star, Anna Shay had lived her life away from the spotlight. so much so that many were surprised to know that she had been married four times. Moreover, Anna even welcomed a son, Kenneth Edward Shay-Kemp, aka Kenny Kemp, with one of her partners.

However, the identities of all of Anna Shay’s ex-husbands have been kept a secret. This is because the Bling Empire star respects their privacy and also does not want to make her personal life public. However, she has stated that all of her previous marriages were happy and that she had amicable divorces.

Well, we hope Anna Shay finds love again, and we will get to meet her partner eventually.