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Ambika Mod Biography – Childhood, Career, Net Worth & Partner

Ambika Mod Biography

Ambika Mod is a comedian, writer, and actress from England who found fame as Shruti Acharya in This is Going to Hurt. She started her journey in the entertainment business as a sketch comedian and has now found fame through her acting and comedic careers.

Well, Ambika is now one of the most talked-about actresses in the English television world. Therefore, fans are eager to get to know more about Mod. So, let’s look at her biography and learn about her net worth, and early life, and find out if she is in a relationship.

Where Did Ambika Grow Up?

The English actress and comedian was born and raised in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. Her full name is Ambika Bhakti Mod, and her parents are both Indian immigrants. Ambika Mod’s mother arrived in the UK as a kid, while her dad moved to the country when he was in his 20s.

As a young girl, Ambika was enrolled at Dame Alice Owen’s School and completed her high school studies there. Then Mod attended St. Mary’s College, Durham, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Studies.

Not only did Ambika complete her studies in Durham, but she also became involved in sketch comedy and acting there. She first discovered sketch comedy at the age of 16 through SNL but only started doing it herself at Durham Revue. After this, Mod continued her journey into the entertainment world.

How Much Is Ambika Mod’s Net Worth?

As stated above, the English actress started her acting journey when she was in college and has continued it to date. She started performing with Durham College’s Revue and even performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015. She also served as the president of the troupe.

Ambika also formed a duo with Andrew Shires, named Megan from HR. The duo has continued to perform at various places and has gained a significant following. She regularly performs at The Free Association, an improvised comedy theater in London.

After making a name for herself in the comedy world, Ambika made her screen debut in 2018 through the short film Fair Bnb. She then had a slew of brief roles in TV series and short movies such as The Mash Report, Granddaughter, The Sacrifice (aka Leila Margot), The B@it, and Trying.

Ambika Mod’s net worth and fame dramatically increased after she starred in the BBC comedy-drama This is Going to Hurt. She plays Shruti Acharya, an NHS doctor in the medical drama, which is based on the book This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay. Mod’s performance as a junior doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology ward, facing exhaustion and mental health decline, was applauded by many.

Well, before securing the part in various shows, Ambika had to work at various companies. She used to work in the stock department at John Lewis and also as a PA in the finance department of Conde Nast, a magazine publisher. Mod served at these jobs during the day and then auditioned for acting and writing and performed comedy at night.

It is evident that the This is Going to Hurt star has worked hard to reach the amount of fame she has now. Moreover, she already has many other projects on the horizon, so it won’t be a surprise if we see Ambika Mod’s net worth rising in the coming days.

Who Is Ambika’s Boyfriend?

Ambika Mod was the breakout star in This is Going to Hurt, and she has been in the spotlight since the release of the series. Therefore, fans of the show and the actress are very keen on knowing about her love life.

But sadly, the talented actress has not shared much about her life with the public. She has only revealed a few details about her life, most of which are from her childhood. Moreover, Ambika Mod’s Instagram account also does not give us any glimpse into her romantic life. Rather, she only has content related to her professional journey on social media.

So, it seems like we will have to wait for a while before we will know about Ambika Mod’s boyfriend. But we hope she is enjoying her time acting and making people laugh with her jokes.