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Alisha Weir Biography – Childhood, Family & Profession

Alisha Weir Biography

Alisha Weir is an up-and-coming actress who came into much prominence after being cast in the lead role in the movie, Matilda The Musical in 2021. She has already wowed the audiences and critics with her performances and is now touted as a breakout star in the current acting scene. Weir has already found much fame in her career and will continue to do so if she chooses to continue acting.

Well, thanks to her burgeoning acting career, Alisha has been in the public eye for a while and people have shown interest in knowing more about her. So, in this biography, we will take a look at Weir’s childhood, family, professional journey, and more.

Where Did Alisha Weir Grow Up?

The talented actress was born on September 26, 2009, in Dublin, Ireland. She is reportedly the youngest child of three kids and grew up alongside her sisters, one of whom is named Katie Weir. Alisha Weir’s parents, Mark Weir and Jenny Weir raised her and her siblings in the Knocklyon area of Dublin and are very supportive of them.

Moreover, Katie too shares young Alisha’s musical talent and the sisters appeared on Donncha’s Two Talented on Irish TV. Sadly, the identity of Alisha’s other sister is unavailable, but there is no doubt that she too is supportive of her younger sister.

Well, two of the three Weir sisters have already showcased their talents. Their father on the other hand apparently manages a car dealership while what her mother does is unclear. But we hope to know more about the lovely family in the coming days.

When Did Alisha Weir Start Her Acting Journey?

Well, it is evident that Alisha Weir showed interest in the acting world from an early age seeing she was involved with the Talented Kids & MVW Talent Agency since 2012. She was a featured singer, actor, and dancer on the company’s shows and also was a featured performer at the 2015 Perrystown Variety.

Alisha continued to perform on various stage productions in Ireland whether it is plays such as Wizard of Oz, Once The Musical or company showcases like Talented Kids & MVW Talent Agency Sweet 16th Spectacular Showcase.

Alisha Weir has continued to be a part of the Maureen V Ward Talent Agency, which helped nurture and develop her acting career. As per her profile on the company’s website, Weir has made appearances in numerous television programs and commercials such as Aptamil, Do Re Mi, It’s All About Me, The Late Late Toy Show, and Realta Agus Gaokta. She even performed in shows such as Dancing With The Star and Shorts Yule Love.

Well, despite the Dublin native’s extensive experience performing, Alisha’s professional acting debut only came in 2018. She played the character Siobhan Callahan in the movie Don’t Leave Home and starred alongside Bobby Roddy, Mark Lawrence, Anna Margaret Hollyman, and Karrie Cox to name a few. She also worked on the short film titled, Day Out that year.

Following this, Alisha played Laura in the Irish television show, Darklands opposite Dane Whyte O’Hara, Thomas Kane-Byrne, Judith Roddy, Mark O’Halloran, Jimmy Smallhorne, and more. She appeared in five out of six episodes aired in 2019. The following year, Weir voiced the character Primrose in the English version of the movie, Two by Two: Overboard!

Then in January 2021, it was revealed that the young actress was cast in the lead role of Matilda Wormwood in the screen adaptation of Matilda The Musical by Roald Dahl. Her audition was explosive as per the movie’s director Matthew Warchus and she definitely is a perfect fit for the world.

Since its release in 2022, Alisha Weir has received praise for her amazing performance as Matilda Wormwood by not only critics but also audiences. She starred alongside veteran stars such as Emma Thompson, Lashana Lynch, Stephen Graham, and Andrea Riseborough but managed to steal the show.

Well, it is evident that Alisha Weir is on the way to becoming a huge star in the coming days. We wish her all the success and happiness in the future.