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Alessandra Rosaldo Biography – Early Life, Career & Relationships

Alessandra Rosaldo Biography

Alessandra Rosaldo is an amazing actress, singer, and dancer who is best known for playing supporting as well as main roles in numerous Mexican soap operas. She has also enjoyed a successful career in music having sold millions of records over the years. She has found fame from her solo career as well as her time with the band, Sentidos Opuestos.

The multi-talented beauty has undoubtedly gained a massive following thanks to her acting and singing career. Many of her fans are very eager to know more about Alessandra, so if you are one of them, stick to the end of this biography.

Where Did Alessandra Rosaldo Grow Up?

The talented actress/singer was born Alejandra Sánchez Barrero on September 11, 1971, in Mexico City, Mexico. She grew up alongside her two younger sisters, Valeria Barrero, and Mariana Barrero. Alessandra Rosaldo’s parents are Jaime Sánchez and Gabriela Barrero and they raised her and her siblings in a loving environment.

Alessandra’s father is a successful pop music producer and she got the chance to meet many singers and musicians as a child. Moreover, after turning 12, Rosaldo worked as a studio backup singer with her dad in the studio. It is evident that Alessandra Rosaldo found interest in show business from an early age.

As for her educational background, Rosaldo attended the Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldt in Greater Mexico City. She learned fluent English and German there. However, Alessandra completed her high school studies at the American School Foundation.

When Did Alessandra Rosaldo Start Her Professional Work?

As stated above, Alessandra Rosaldo started singing as a background vocalist when she was only 12. She then formed her band, Sentidos Opuestos with Chacho Gaytan, a keyboardist in the early 1990s. The duo released their debut album, Sentidos Opuestos in 1993 which included their songs, Escribeme en el Cielo and Historias de Amor. The record was very popular and few songs even made it to the charts.

The group released their second album, Al Sol Que Mas Calienta the following year. To record their third record, Viviendo del Futuro Alessandra and Chacho went to Barcelona, Spain and it was released in 1997. The duo put out their next album, Viento a Favor in 1998 but then started working on their respective solo projects. Alessandra started her acting career at this time, while Chacho started working as an arranger and producer.

Sentidos Opuestos put out the album, Movimiento Perpetuo in 2000. But the group announced their separation and also released their live album titled En Vivo the following year. Well, Alessandra Rosaldo and Chacho Gaytan reunited in 2012 to put out the record Zona Preferente and also went on tour. Moreover, the duo also released another album, Únete a La Fiesta in 2017.

As for her acting career, Alessandra Rosaldo made her television debut in 1999 playing Brenda Sakal in the soap opera DKDA: Sueños de juventud. She then played a significant role in the 2001 comedy telenovela, Aventuras en el Tiempo aka Adventures through Time. She also had supporting and guest roles in Salomé and La hora pico.

Alessandra then played the lead role of Paulina Almazán in the telenovela, Amarte es mi Pecado (My Love, My Sin) in 2004. The following year, she appeared in Mujeres and Sueños y caramelos playing significant characters in both of them. Rosaldo then starred in numerous projects such as Vecinos, Yumbina: La droga del sexo, La familia P. Luche, Hermanos y detectives, Los simuladores and Plaza Sésamo. 

The Mexican star also worked on a few other projects such as With You, Without You, Lado B and Instructions Not Included before taking a break from the industry. She then made a roaring comeback with the 2019 film The Obituary of Tunde Johnson. She followed it up with an appearance in the movie, MELANCOLíA in 2021.

Well, we can see that the singer-cum-actress has managed to find success in every field that she has tried her hand on. And seeing as she has sold millions of albums and starred in many popular soap operas and telenovelas, there is no doubt that Alessandra Rosaldo’s net worth is substantial. We wish the talented star even more success in the coming days.

Who Is Alessandra Rosaldo Married To?

Just like her success in her professional life, Alessandra Rosaldo has also found happiness on the personal front. She is happily married to fellow actor, Eugenio Derbez, and the pair are parents of a daughter, Aitana Derbez.

Alessandra and Eugenio tied the knot on July 7, 2012, and continue to enjoy their life as a married pair. The lovely couple prefers to keep their relationship and their daughter away from the spotlight. But let’s hope in the near future we get to see more about the Mexican star and her family.