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Ainsley Earhardt Biography – Childhood, Family Life, Career & Motherhood

Ainsley Earhardt Biography

Ainsley Earhardt is a well-known television news journalist who currently co-hosts the Fox show, Fox & Friends. She has been active in the journalism world since 2000 having earned a degree in the subject itself. She is a conservative news host who is not afraid to speak her truth.

Well, thanks to her work on Fox & Friends, people have shown much interest in her background and life story. Therefore, in this biography, we will take a look at her family life, career trajectory, relationship history, and motherhood.

Where Did Ainsley Earhardt Grow Up?

The television journalist was born on September 20, 1976, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Ainsley Earhardt’s parents, Wayne Earhardt and Dale Earhardt moved the family to the first Foxcroft area of Charlotte and later to the Columbia, South Carolina area when she was still young. Her father worked as a basketball coach at the surrounding colleges and schools before taking a sales job. He later started his own company so that he could help pay for his kids’ college education.

As for Earhardt’s mother, Dale reportedly taught early childhood development in Richland District 2. But she continued to take care of the clothes, food, and more too. Thanks to their hard work, Ainsley and her siblings too learned the benefit of working hard. She has a brother named Trent Earhardt and a sister named Elise Earhardt who works in medical sales and as a teacher respectively.

Moreover, few reports suggest that Ainsley is the youngest in the family while others state that her sister, Elise is the oldest while Trent is her younger brother. Whatever might be their birth order, the Earhardt shares a close bond. So much so that Elise, Trent, and his wife, Darcy all appeared in an episode of Fox & Friends.

Talking about her educational background, Earhardt attended Spring Valley High School and graduated in 1995. Following this, Ainsley enrolled at Florida State University but transferred to the University of South Carolina. From there she received her B.A. in journalism degree.

What Networks Has Ainsley Earhardt Worked On?

While Ainsley Earhardt did graduate from college with a journalism degree, she got her first job even before she completed her studies. She was hired as a reporter for the local CBS station in Columbia, South Carolina, WLTX. She worked as a morning anchor on the network from 2000 to 2004 and also covered the story about how South Carolina middle schoolers had raised half a million dollars for firefighters.

Then in 2005, Ainsley moved to San Antonio, Texas, and anchored the weekday noon and morning newscasts at KENS-TV. Following this, she moved to New York City and started working at Fox News Channel in 2007 after being hired by Roger Ailes. While she stated that she did not know first things about politics, Earhardt covered numerous topics early in her career there.

Moreover, Ainsley Earhardt worked on the popular Fox News show, Hannity and had her own segment called Ainsley Across America. She also served as a co-hostess on the series and has continued to appear in it till 2022. Furthermore, Earhardt guest-hosted another popular show on the network, Fox and Friends for the first time in 2012. Her appearances in this show became regular thereafter and in 2016 she officially became a co-host on Fox & Friends.

Ainsley has continued to appear on Fox & Friends while also co-hosting other shows such as Fox and Friends Weekend, The Five, Fox Files, Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy, Fox & Friends First, Fox News Primetime and Outnumbered to name a few. Furthermore, as a part of her coverage, Earhardt has interviewed numerous high-profile individuals including former President Donald Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence, former First Lady Melania Trump, and Second Lady Karen Pence.

Besides her career as a television journalist, Ainsley Earhardt has also tried her hand at writing. She has published numerous children’s books over the years and some of which are listed below:

  • Take Heart
  • My Child: A Mother’s Dream
  • Through Your Eyes: My Child’s Gift to Me
  • I’m So Glad You Were Born: Celebrating Who You Are

Ainsley’s memoir, The Light Within Me: An Inspirational Memoir was published in 2019. Also, three of her four children’s books were New York Times bestsellers. Well, it is now evident that Ainsley Earhardt’s net worth of $6 million includes not only her earnings as a journalist but also her book sales.

Who Is Ainsley Earhardt Dating?

Talking about her personal life, Ainsley Earhardt has been married twice and is also a mother of one. She first tied the knot with a man named Kevin Wayne McKinney in April 2005. But sadly, their marriage took a sour turn and they divorced in 2009.

Following the failure of her first marriage, Ainsley found love again in a former college football player, Will Proctor. They got married in October 2012 and welcomed their first and only child together, Hayden Dubose Proctor in November 2015. But only three years later, the journalist announced her separation from Proctor.

Ainsley Earhardt’s ex-husband, Will filed for divorce in October 2018 amid allegations that he had been unfaithful in their marriage. Their divorce was finalized the following year but it seems like the former couple is co-parenting their little girl.

After the end of her second marriage, Ainsley stated that she has not been in any relationship. However, there have been rumors about her dating fellow Fox News host, Sean Hannity. Whether the pair are truly together is unclear but we hope to know more about their respective lives in the coming days.